Wealthy Affiliate review – Is it a free or a paid service and does it work?

Wealthy affiliate

In this post I will be giving you my honest review about Wealthy Affiliate (WA), what the platform does and what it can do for you! But also what it doesn’t do for you. Whether you are just starting with the online world, or if you already are an entrepreneur, there is always more knowledge and new ways to learn new things!

Before I get into my review I would shortly like to tell what Wealthy Affiliate exactly is. Wealthy Affiliate is founded by two online marketeers; Kyle and Carson in 2005. It is an online community, THE online community for Affiliation marketeers and a place that guides you to building your own successful online business! They offer all sorts of training, courses, live lessons, personal coaching, building and hosting your website and there is the possibility to chat and run your idea’s by over 10,000 other members. But, don’t just take my word for it, read my full review and then go see for yourself what it’s like! There is a free membership, so nothing to worry about!

Before u start reading any further, let me say this; Wealthy Affiliate is not a way to gain quick and easy money! Oh yes there is plenty of ways to earn money and you will earn money, they guide you step by step, but you have to put some effort in it too! Don’t even bother reading further if you’re going to give up after a few months without earning anything, because you got to push through those months to start making the money.

Wealthy Affiliate – overview and ranking

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Free membership, premium membership (19,-/first month, after that: 49,-/mth or 359,-/year)

Courses / training: 9/10

Support: 9/10

Hosting: 10/10

Tools: 7 / 10 (free membership) 9 /10 (premium membership)

Mywebsiteacademy.com overall rating: 9/10

Wealthy Affiliate – Free and payed services

At wealthy affiliate you got 2 different types of accounts. At first, you got a free membership, here you can experience what wealthy affiliate does and how it works. With this membership you get limited access to all the possibility’s there are on wealthy affiliate. They give you a taste of what it would be like if you are a premium member for 7 days and after those 7 days they take away a few things again.

The starter membership is going to get you to the point where you are either really excited and you want to learn more and more, or to the point where you realize “oh this is going to be a lot of work, I’m out”. They knew exactly what they were doing with this starter membership, they give you a taste of the premium membership, they give you a few courses and when you are getting serious and want to continue you are limited to the starter options, so this means if you want to go big and learn a lot, you kinda have to upgrade to premium.

Now I won’t say this membership sucks, because it doesn’t. You could stay with this free membership forever and get your online business rolling, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As a start this membership is fine, they give you the opportunity to make 2 websites, they host it for you and look after it, you can take a beginners course to build your website (this is one course out of the 7) and you can communicate with the community of WA the rest you will get with the other membership.

The other membership, the premium one is just going to give you so much more. First of the community is all of sudden way more active towards you, when you become premium a lot of members will place comments on your profile to congrats you with going premium. When you are a starter they won’t, then you have to ask them to help you and when you are a premium member they will offer to help you by themselves. You get access to all the courses, live video classes, keyword tools, unlimited keyword searches, 50 websites and domains and you will get more commissions from you affiliate links

Check it out for yourself, see what they offer and read how they work

Wealthy Affiliate – Courses and training

WA is offering two kinds of courses, the boot camp affiliate course and the entrepreneur course.

In their course they are taking you step by step on how to build your own business. Their courses exist out of pages where they explain everything by word and really explain everything step by step. But they also got a video of everything, which you can watch and then make the same action as they do in the video. For me personally this worked really great, I love it when I get a good example of how to do things, when I just read something I’m not
always sure how to implement it somewhere, so the video’s were a nice touch for me since I could see what they mean exactly.

bootcamp wa

Straight up, Affiliate boot camp is going to teach you how to become an affiliate marketeer, they start by teaching you how to become an affiliate partner for their service of course. But hey, you won’t hear me complain about that, they got a good service and what they are offering me for that service isn’t that bad! But I will tell u later in my review what they are giving!

The affiliate boot camp course is 7 phases of training where they give you a total of 227 tasks to complete. After you complete all those tasks you should have your website up and running and then it is up to you how much and what kind of content you are making for your website.

The Entrepreneur course is going to teach you how to build your own website within your own niche. This means they will teach you how to get the most traffic to your site, which ways you can make money with this traffic and how to keep this traffic coming to your website.

The Entrepreneur course is 5 phases of training where they give you a total of 168 tasks to complete. After you have completed those tasks you will probably have a good website running within your own niche and with your own preffered options on it.

Next to the courses you got all kinds of training opportunity’s. They are giving live video classes, which you can choose to join, they are blogging about all kinds of things which are important for your business they got a lot of articles, a discussion forum where almost al of your questions are already asked once and a lot more. The best part is, you can choose whether you want to join this and learn, no one is telling you what you have to learn or what you have to do. It is all part of the membership.

If these training options are what you are looking for, don’t wait for it but get started already!

Wealthy Affiliate – Website and tools

The websites hosted by WA are all word press based. Which I think is perfect, but this is mainly because I already used to work with word press a lot before I joined WA. You don’t really have to worry about hosting, securing, keeping everything up to date, looking for the right speed of your website etc. but of course it is smart if you do keep looking after this, check what is smart when you place content on your website, check what is adding something to the speed which your page is loading or what is decreasing this.

WA is offering with the websites a lot of tools which you can use to make your website even better. Tools like keyword searches and all the numbers coming with those words, how many people use it, how many people search on it etc., plugins to link websites and apps better and easier to your website and much more! You don’t even have to worry on how to use all those tools, because everything gets explained in the courses which you are going to follow once you are a member.

The internet marketing is expanding so fast and there are so much new techniques and everything just keeps improving. To be honest, I always wonder how WA keeps this up to date, but Kyle and Carson seem to manage this just fine! There is always something new to learn on WA and they keep everything up to date pretty good.

Wealthy Affiliate – What do they give back?

reffer wa

Of course WA is giving something back to the community for being their affiliate partner. They got their own program, if you clicked or are going to click on one of the links in this review you are helping me to earn money. But that is how affiliate works right? BUT there is also a plus-side (not that there is a downside for u, if u click the link), if (when) u become a member of WA and you do this through my link I get a notification. Which means I will be able to help and guide u on WA, if you want this of course.

Next to the affiliate program, WA gives back in all the above mentioned ways. They help you get your business started, they are there for you when you have questions, not just Kyle and Carson, but the whole community, there are so many things to learn and you can learn them all in your own pace. Isn’t that the most important part, getting new knowledge, sharing your own passion with others and doing what you love?!

Sign in now and get a BONUS offer when you do!

Just to end this review the right way. As I said WA is not going to make you rich quickly, but WA is giving you the opportunity to make money online and start your own business. If that is what you want, start you own business online. If you are willing to put a lot of time and effort in this, if you don’t quit when it is getting harder and if you don’t expect some kind of miracle, THEN WA is something for you!

If not, then I wouldn’t recommend clicking the link because you would be wasting your own money (if you chose to go premium of course).

Plus i’ve got something extra for you! Once you sign in you will get a bonus offer for the first 7 days! Curious what this bonus is? I will give you a hint, it has something to do with a lot of discount!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon on Wealthy Affiliate! If you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I will try to answer them when I can!

Start your own adventure, work hard and make your dreams come true! Become a member of the community right here!

Wish you all the best and hope your dreams become reality no matter what you chose to do!

Kind regards,


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