Learn how to build your online website for free!

Build your own website for free!

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Are you looking to learn how to build your own website? If the answer is yes, than stop looking any further, you found the best opportunity.

Do you want to build your own online business, do you just want to create a website for fun, or are you looking for a good place to host your website for free? Well it couldn’t be any simpler these days! You don’t need to have any special kind of knowledge on how to build a website, you don’t need to know how to do coding, and you don’t need to worry about hosting a website yourself anymore. All it takes these days is 30 seconds of your time and you got your website up and running!

We are almost there! read the essentials, watch the small video and let’s get started!

Essentials of how to build a website

Creating a website for free is simple these days, but managing and building a good website still needs some time and effort to be put in by you! The difference between a good and a bad website all comes together in the 5 points I listed below.

1 – Loading time and speed of your website

2 – Design and look of your website

3 – It must be easy to navigate around

4 – You need quality content

5 – It will need the right touch so people want to come back

If you make sure you accomplish those 5 points, than you will have a good website up and running and by the time you got a lot of content on your website you will probably be making money too. The link you are going to watch is going to show you how they create and host their (your) website on something called wordpress. So, that is what where you are going to be building your website on.

Let’s get started already

alright, so let’s get started creating and building your own website!

In the video below you will learn how to build your own website in under 30 seconds, I know what you are thinking right now, “under 30 seconds, uhu like that is possible”. Check out the video and you will see what I mean!

website in 30 seconds

Alright so by now you have seen the video and you can get started! If you have any question what wealthy affiliate does and how they do it, check it here. Next up,  there are going to be a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create your own free account here, they host 2 free websites for you

Step 2: Create your own website as explained in the video

Step 3: pick one of the 1000 themes

Step 4: start writing your own content

Need help with your website?

Just ask, leave a comment below and I will help you out! You can also contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile! Let me know what you think of the information I gave.

Can you also do me one favor? If you create a website, share it within my comments here! Then you get free traffic and i will be able to check your website out! 🙂

For now good luck and I wish u all the best.


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