How to design a website for a business?

A GOOD business website is a website where people don’t run away after 3 seconds because it is too colorful, because it is hard to find things or because it just look plain ugly. Can you already say you have a good business website? The answer is NO, else you wouldn’t be here reading my article 🙂

Which one would you prefer here? the right one or the left one?

Business themes

If you chose the left one than you are on the right track!

The difference between a good and a bad business website!

In this article we are going to be talking about step 2 “design and looks of your website” of my 5 essential points of how to build your own website.

To design your own website you are going to choose between two important things; what the visitor likes and what you like, combine these and you will have the perfect design. Your first task was to chose between two themes, as I said if you chose the left one you are on the right track. A good business website needs to show what they are standing for, how they work and if they are trustworthy.

I know what you are thinking “and you want to tell me, people can see this from just the design of the website”. The answer is yes. If you take a look at the theme the “custom lite” one (the one on the right side), stop reading for a minute and write down what you see, the good and the bad things of this theme.


Alright so now you’ve checked it for yourself and wrote down the good and the bad things we are going to see if you got the same things as me, as I list a few examples;


– they use different colors

– they use images


– They use the wrong colors (makes is look ugly and unprofessional)

– They use the same color for their background as their text blocks (if your content is hard to read, people simply won’t read)

– Busy background (makes a distraction for your visitors)

– Their images are way to packed on each other (makes your website look small)

– You can’t read what the text says (and you don’t want that)

As you see there is a lot more cons than pro’s for this theme, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your business website :).

What are they doing right?!

Let’s talk about their pro’s. The use of different colors is a good thing but you can’t use to many colors and you have to use colors that go well with each other. In their theme they use, red, white, Grey, black and than in the images more different colors. If they had changed the red border to black and the background to white it would have been so much better already. But they didn’t. So the whole point here is, be careful which colors you place together and how many colors you use. The type of color can also influence how long people will be on your site and how much they will buy, but that is something for a different article. You don’t want something like this right:

business themes 2

The use of images! Of course, you want to use images on your business website. An image or video is what brings your page alive. I go from a boring just content site to a site with an image and straight away people are going to visualize all kinds of things. For example, if you look at the following image;

adventure theme

Don’t you straight away think of an big adventure, snowboarding or hiking and how good your trip was? Well I sure do and now I want to go on an adventure again. But same thing here as with the colors, don’t use too much of them because! That is just going to be a distraction and people will focus on the images instead of on your content.

Where does it go wrong?!

keep it simple, so many times people see a lot of things and think “wow, that looks cool, I totally should add it on my site”. Wrong answer! Keep it simple is the keyword you want to say to yourself every time you see something. Every time you want to add something ask yourself these questions;

– Does it help my design to become better?

– Does it bring more people to my website?

– Is it going to be a distraction to my visitors?

– Do I really need it or do I already have something like this?

If the answer on 1 of those question is not what it is supposed to be, then simply don’t add what you were planning to do.


So what should I do?

So in short, the tips for a good business website.

– Use the right colors and don’t use too much different ones

– Keep your background calm, you don’t want it to be a distraction

– Always make sure your content is good visible so people can read it easy

– Use images that make people visualize what they want to buy or where they want to go, don’t use too much

KEEP IT SIMPLE, ask yourself the 4 questions before you add something to your site

Lets start your own designing

I’ve got the perfect website for you which is offering free products about all sorts of designs every week! Make sure you check them out, because well its FREE. If you want to know who they are, read my review.

Thanks for reading! Hope the information was useful for you and if you have any questions just leave a comment below!

If you are looking to create and build your own website make sure you check out my other post where you can build a website in 30 seconds!

Kind regards,


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