How can i make my website faster

The world is moving faster and faster, earth is spinning like crazy and if you don’t watch what is going on in front u you, then you missed it already, twice! You don’t think this is true?

I bet you do this yourself too; you check something in google, it doesn’t load faster than 5 seconds, you clicked the big cross already and are looking on a new website.

That is how fast it goes, and that is why it is so important to keep your website loading speed as high as possible

What is loading time and speed?

What are we talking about here exactly? Well its simple, the first thing we talk about it how fast your website is loading. As mentioned in the part above here, if your website doesn’t load fast enough a possible visitor is gone by the time your website is loaded. I can make it even worse, these days the web users kind of expect a website to load in 2 seconds or fewer, if it isn’t loaded by the time 3 seconds have passed they already left your website.

So yeah, the website loading time is the time it takes to open up your website.

What is your website speed you are asking now? The website speed is the speed on which you can navigate around on your site. For example if I click on a button on your site I want to instantly go to whatever that button is taking me to. If I click on a picture I want it to pop up instantly so I can view it good I don’t want to wait on anything that is loading to slow.

Why should I wait if a different site is faster and does give me instantly what I want?! Unfortunately or Luckily that is where we are at, at this point in life. Everything goes so fast, our patient is moving with it.

What effects my loading time and speed

There are a few things that will affect the loading time and speed of your website.

Things that you can’t do anything about. This is a factor whether the internet of that visitor is good or if it is bad. If they have crappy internet, the website won’t load fast there. Same could be if they didn’t update their browsers the latest patch. But hey, that is nothing you can do anything about, so don’t worry 🙂

Things you have an influence on are the following. First thing is; the company or place you pick that is going to host your website. Make sure you read all the reviews of the place where you want to have your website hosted. If you pick a place and they struggle a lot to host your website and you find out afterwards, that would suck pretty hard. I myself have my website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

So after you have picked a good place to host your website it is time to look at your website, what you use and what things you will post on your website. The biggest thing here is possible the amount of images you have on your website and what size they are. Always make sure if you post images that optimize the size of it, optimize the format size off all files, not just the images.

Same thing here goes for the use of video’s, optimize the size of them if you want to use them! Videos are a great way of showing things to people and a good interaction. But if you use too many of them and they aren’t optimized then your website might get a little slower.

The other thing what could affect your website negatively if you have a lot of them are plugins. First off, let me say that plugins are really useful and kind of needed, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge on how to build a website. But same goes here, if you have too much of them your site will get slower. So if you download plugins, but you don’t use them, delete them. It’s a small thing do to, but really easy to forget.

What happens if my website is slow?

The first thing that is going to happen is that google is going to rank your website negatively. The search machines are looking for websites that deliver quality, if your website is slower they will give it a negative rank. Which is going to lead to fewer visitors, which is going to lead to less income. The faster your website loads the better your SEO will be and the more visitors you will get!

This I already told you before. Visitors will leave your website before they have even seen your website if it loads to slow. If they leave before they have seen it, they won’t buy anything and they won’t promote your website to their friends. If that doesn’t happen, again this means, less income for you.

Another thing that will happen is, you will make your own work harder. As you want to manage your site, you too will have too will have to wait on those pages that load so slow. And why would you make your own work harder? You want to be writing posts, make pages and get more content on your website without the stupid and easy fixable struggles like your website loading time.

The short review

– The world is moving so fast they don’t want to wait on slow websites

– loading is the time is takes to load your website

– speed of your website is the speed of navigation around on your website

– things that affect the loading time and speed; speed of the internet, updated browsers, host of your website, images, video’s and plugins

– google will rank negatively, visitors will leave and it takes you more time to manage your site.


Thanks for reading this post! Hope the information was useful and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

Make sure you check out my other posts too, how to design your website or how to build your website!

Kind regards,


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