The best colors for a website

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Don’t do it like this

Learn how to use colors for the best of your website, learn what a different color can trigger in a person.

Are you getting exited already? Have you ever heard that the color blue is the most loved color by both man and woman? Do you know the difference between a green color and an orange color or what it does to your visitors? Well I can tell you, it does a lot!

Why is it important to know which color to use?!

If you think of a big brand like Red Bull, what are you thinking of? What do they stand for?

For me when I think of Red Bull, I straight away think of the extreme action, the craziest stunts, the most insane people, professional athletes, but also a solid foundation, they know what they are doing, they never fail to impress people, they are a consistent factor.

Red bull

Well guess what, their color stands for something like that! If they had used different colors it wouldn’t have been so effective as it is now. For example look at the picture below;

Red bull purple and green

Do you get the same energy as you by looking at the first picture? Or do you get a feeling that is more calm and easy?That is what a color can do to your brand, so choose a color wisely if you start a brand, always look at what is the best color for your website!


Which color does what?

If you take a look at the picture below you will see a lot of different colors and what they do. You can mix a few up and get the right colors together.

Colors for website


Every color has its own buyer, so if you know your market already be sure you pick the right color for that market! For example if your market is rich people, who are looking for those real nice and luxury products, then use the color black in combination with white. This gives a sense of professionalism, it’s powerful, classy, it’s fresh, clean and gives a sense of formality. Take the fact here, why are all the suits people wear always black and white?:) And what do you think when you see them?

What should I do when I start my business?

You can’t just pick a color because you happen to like that color! You really have to think which colors you are going to use and why you use those colors.

Ask yourself two question

– What is my market and what kind of shoppers are they?

What do I stand for as a business?

If you have the answers to those questions then start picking your color which are the best for the answers on your question!

Be consistent in the color you use!

Pick the colors that work best for you company, and be consistent in the way you use them. Now you are probably asking yourself “what does he mean with this?”. What I mean is that for example you picked the color red, black and white.

White is going to be your background (this gives an easy view, you can always read the text on it, which is super important and it just looks nice).

You pick black for the professionalism, classiness and high end products. You want people to know you are serious and a professional and what you type or sell is always something good and worth the buy.

You pick the red color to get people to action, you use those colors when you want people to click on something or when you want them to buy something.

Now look at the following theme, they used those colors, the red is to call to action. You want people here to go to the next page, you want people to see all your posts, you want people to catch their eye on the fashion part or the trending part. The white background makes everything looks good, it is easy to read and you focus on the content instead of the background. The black part here is the finish part, it looks professional and goes well with the other colors.

Theme for color

So as you see, if you use colors, always use them in the same way. Don’t use colors different on each page or post.

The short version

– Colors do a lot to your website and visitors

– Every color has its own buyer so you need to pick the right color for the right market

– Every brand has its own color and the color is going to represent what you stand for

– Be consistent in the way you use the colors, don’t use the color different on each page or post

– Make sure you always pick a background on which you can always read the text


I hope the information on this post was useful and you liked it! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

Also want to know how to design or build your own website? Make sure you check out my other posts.

Kind regards,


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