What is creative market? – Review

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In this review I will be giving you my honest opinion about creative market, what it is, what they do, but also what they don’t do for you. If you are looking for new and creative theme’s, fonts or for example pictures, then creative market is a place you should definitely should check out.

Before I get in depth with the review I would like to tell in short; what is creative market exactly? creative market is founded in October 2012 by Aaron Epstein, Darius Monsef and Chris Williams. It is an online platform for creative entrepreneurs and people who are looking for quality designs without paying the full price for the designers. It’s a community that shares idea’s and tips on how to design and a place where you can buy products or make money selling those products. You can sign up for free and become part of the community, they give away free products, ebooks and blogs about the designs or how to use it well.

Alright so if you are looking to sell you creative idea’s or if you are looking for quality designs then I suggest you read the full review and check out if creative market is something for you. If you are not looking for one of those things, then I wouldn’t waste you time reading the review 🙂 (as I said, I’m going to be honest).

Creative Market – overview and ranking

Name: creative market

Website: https://creativemarket.com/

Price: sign-up is free, buying products can go from 0-100 dollar depending on how much you want to spend

Service: 8/10

Support: 7/10

Products: 9/10

Websitemarketing.com overall rating: 7,6/10

Creative market – For who

Creative market is basically for 2 targets. On the one hand it is meant for creative entrepreneurs, if you think you have great idea’s and can produce quality in photo’s, graphics, templates, themes, fonts, add-ons, or 3D then creative market is THE platform for you to sell you goods! The offer you a network of 4 million people, they will help you promote you work and you can place new products online instantly.

On the other and creative market is for people who are looking to build their own website, have some creative idea’s but don’t want to spend too much money on designers. That’s very specific right, haha. It also for people who are just looking for cool photo’s, who are trying to build a brand, trying to make a nice logo, people who need some inspiration. If you are looking for creative stuff, for you website, logo, email marketing and all that kind of stuff then you can check out creative market for sure!

If you recognize yourself here then make sure you check out the creative market!

Creative market – Free and payed services

The most important part for most people who are reading this? For me it is always.. It is a great way to check out what they offer if it is free and if you love the product you can always choose to pay for something…!

The creative entrepreneur:

Alright so basically at the start everything at creative market is free. As I said there are two targets at creative market, for the creative entrepreneurs everything stays free. You can open you shop, this is when they think you are qualified enough and have some quality designs to sell. Don’t get afraid here now, if you just started with designing, just try it and who knows, maybe they let you open you shop. You already have the no now, so why not try to get the yes!?

Once you have opened you shop they offer you the following things, you get 70% of the sale you make every time, you can set you own prices, the products are instantly delivered to the customers once they buy it, you get a network of 4 million people, you can sell the products on your own websites too and you can add products as you want they don’t need to be approved before you upload.

Next to that you can add some tools to keep track of you customers and sales, you can get in touch with you customers easy and there is a simple system if anyone has a question for you about the product.

shop owner perks creative market

What are you waiting for? Open you shop now!

The creative visitor:

For the visitor of creative market signing up is free, once you sign up you get 6 free goods! And the best part here is, you get free goods every week! So that is basically already a win right? You sign up for free and you get free goods every week! Of course next to those free goods they offer a wide

variety of products for you to buy, the prices for these products can be anything since the owner can put the prices as low or high as they want. But they go so much for you to choose from in the niche of photo’s, graphics, templates, themes, fonts, add-ons, or 3D and they also offer those products in bundles for a cheap price! My advice is just to check it out for yourself, its free and it is staying free until you decide to buy a product.

Free goods creative market

Get you free products here!

Creative market – Products

So what are those products excatly that I have been talking about in this review so far?


So yeh you all know what a photo is haha, here are some examples of the pictures they post.

creative market photos


Graphics are visual images or design that are placed on any surface, for example; a wall, canvas, paper, screen of even stone just to inform or entertain. You could use them for a website, mail, brochure, flyer, poster, book etc.

Creative market Graphics


A template is something you can use as a guide to make something. For example, they could give you a business card and all you got to do is replace the words with you own words.

creative market templates


A theme is something you can use for you website, blog or landing pages. It is the way you website looks in the background and it has certain settings on how the page or website would work.

creative market web themes


Fonts are the way you text writing looks.

creative market fonts


Add-ons are the special effects you can add in for example you images.

creative market add-ons


three-dimensional images, architectures or products.

creative market 3d

Creative market – Pros and Cons

For the creative entrepreneur


– Free sign up

– 70% of the sale

– Make you own prices

– Lots of niches

– Easy communication with the customer and creative market

– You can have unlimited amount of products online


– Not a lot of help after you have you shop set up (you got the discussion form and some basic blogs)

– You can make you own prices (this is easy to get a price fight since people can just go way lower than you)

– A lot of other content, so you really have to stand out and be different

For the creative visitor


– Free sign up

– Free products every week

– Lots of products to choose from


– No consistent quality since creative market doesn’t approve the products people place

People can make their own prices (which can lead to either real low which is good or real high prices which is bad)

– No refunds

Worth the visit?

In my opinion creative market is totally worth the visit. Of course they have some points to improve, but hey its FREE to sign up and you can get FREE products. What else do you want? You can either try to open you shop for free and maybe make some money or you can sign up for free and check out what other awesome people are creating!

So go and sing up you account here and get you free goods!

Hope you liked this review and found it useful! If you did or didn’t like it let me know in a comment below!

If you are trying to start you own online business make sure you also read my other review on Wealthy Affiliate!

Wish u all the best and thanks for reading!

Kind regards,


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