Creative market – Free Goods – Week of 18-06-2018

Hi there! Today we will be talking about this week Free Goods coming from creative market! Make sure you check them out and download them, it’s all free, no catches so you have nothing to lose! Signing up at creative market is also free, so you can always check out the free goods yourself, just click on the image and u can get the free goods.



So in this week free goods we got 2 kinds of different fonts and 4 kinds of different types created for the graphic section.

Which fonts do we have?


Font 1: TABU – Tribal Font Family

Amazing font if you want that cool African pattern, looking for that cool surf vibe or travel style kind of website, this is the most awesome pattern for you! It comes in multiple languages; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and more.


Font 2:Luchador – Serif display typeface

This font is good for when you are looking to re-create that wild western style, hosting a theme party in that style then it is awesome if you have this font for on your t-shirt, flyers, posters or cups.

Now lets talk graphics


Graphic 1: Book hard cover mockup 9


Are you designing your own book? Then this mockup is really nice for you. Put your own design there and the mockup shows your book in a nice way so it doesn’t look flat and boring. You do need some kind of photoshop to open.


Graphic 2: 3D signboard logo mock + templates

Want to check out some logos and try different styles with it? Well they made it easy for you, they also offer 15 templates to play around and check what it does. It is kind off in they style of an oldskool bar, could also use it for example with those amazing wooden watches.


Graphic 3: Set of coffee mockups

Are you getting into the coffee business and want your designs to really stand out or just check your design on some different positions? Then check out this mockup and see what it does to your design.


Graphic 4: Seamless digital paper water marble

Got a creative mind? These marble can be used in any way you would like to. Are you looking to create stickers, scrapbooks or want to cover your notebooks? Let your creativity out and think of what you can do with these marbles!


See you next week!

Make sure you download them this week, if you are too late and you really loved them you can still access them. But then you will have to pay for it. So if you are in doubt just download it, then you can always decide later if you really want them or not.

Next week same time I will be listing the new free goods of that week! Are you don’t know what creative market is then check out my review.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

See you next week!


Kind regards,





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