The finishing touch on how to create a good website!

By now you have come to the point where you have your website up and running, picked your design colors, you know what you have to do and want to start writing your content right?! If this is not the case, then i suggest you first read the blog on how to create a website for free and after that you come back here.

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So in this post i will be talking about three things to finish the basics of a good website. Point 1; You must have quality content (and a lot of it). Point 2; It must be easy to navigate around. Point 3; It must have the right touch so people want to come back.

Quality content, but what is it?

The first point to create a good website, quality content.

First of, to write quality content i don’t mean you have to be the perfect writer or had to do a study about writing blogs and stuff. With quality content i mean content that is useful to the people that are reading it. If i’m looking for a post about dogs and the title says cool dogs and how to pet them, then i don’t want to read content about cats, or how to feed dogs or how to walk dogs. I want maybe a bit basics about the dog and then simple steps on how to pet the dog.

That’s it, nothing more nothing less. it doesn’t have to be like 10000 words to make quality content, as long as you write about what you say you were going to write about and it is useful to the reader then you are doing good.

When you are writing your content try to back it up with images or video’s, if the visitor has to read a lot of content and he can’t visualize what he has to do then he might forget what you just said. So make sure you visualize it by giving examples in pictures of make a video of how you do the simple steps.

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The last step with quality content is a step for yourself, if you have something you want to write about, then go as following. You got your main subject, then try to make sub headers, if you got the sub headers try to write a small header on what you want to tell in the sub headers. So now you have – main subject, sub headers, content within the sub headers. This is going to make it easy for you to write your content because you already have the main line on what you want to write and you don’t have to struggle along the way. Of course you can always change the content.

So quality content the simple steps;

– Doesn’t have to be super long

– Write about what you say you were going to write

– Write something that the reader can actually use

– If you tell them to do something, make the steps really easy

– Use images or video’s to actually show what you mean

– Before you start writing make a template of what you want to write – main subject, sub headers, content within the sub headers.


I don’t want them to run away, so what now?

So this is quite a easy thing to do, yet a lot of people make it really hard! Navigating people around is one of the most important things though, because if people can’t find what they are looking for really fast, then they are going to give up and they will leave your site.

So what you don’t want is the following;

– Your page titles don’t tell exactly what you mean or what kind of posts are under it.

– You have all sort of widgets on your side bar which you don’t even use and link to nothing

– you are using plug-ins that are taking 3 links before they redirect you to the right page.

– You have 10 links in 1 post and they all link to something else.

-5 out of the 10 links in your post don’t even work they way they are supposed to.

– Too much widgets on the sidebars


Doesn’t really look to good right?


So this is what you want to do;

– If you post something make it clear what you are posting (no random titles)

– Only use the essential widgets (you don’t want your site to look full with useless things)

– Don’t use too many links for something, if you want them to look somewhere else make it clear in one sentence

– Last but not least, pick the right theme that fits with the navigation you have in mind!


Finishing touch, the right way!

Your goal with the website is to get visitors and keep them coming back right? Every finishing touch is unique, its something that makes you, you and something that your site will remembered by.

Well for this finishing touch i got a task for you. Think of a website where you go a lot, think of this website and try to understand why you keep coming back there. Is it because they offer great service, because they offer free things, because their website looks beautiful, because they have something for sell that no one else has. It could be anything, but if it works then it works right?

The finishing touch of your website is something you have to come up with yourself. Try to think of something that you are missing on all the websites you go. Take that thing and make it something that is going to get the people to keep coming back to your website.

I hope this post was useful, if you have any questions or if you are missing some unique point on my website, please let met know in a comment!

Make sure you check all my posts about creating and building your own website!

Wish u all the best,


Kind regards,




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