What is a niche market product?!

WHY WOULD YOU COMPETE WITH THE BIGGEST COMPANYS IF YOU COULD ALSO COMPETE WITH SOMETIMES JUST YOURSELF!? Are you curious what i mean? The biggest products always have a niche and sometimes those niches also have a niche. Why would you try to compete with 100 people if you could also choose to compete with maybe 5 people. For every product there is a person that wants to buy it. You just have to find those people.

Who is your audience?
Who are they?!

What is a niche exactly?!

So yeh, you might be wondering what i’m talking about. A niche is kind of a market within a market. So if you are looking for a product there are always like 50 kinds of different products in all sort directions right? Well that is kinda what a niche does. For example:

Let’s take the most simple product there is; a book, now Let’s create a niche for this product; a book about sports, we can even go further than this; a book about soccer and another one would be; a book about beach soccer.

See what i did here? i just broke down a product into different kinds of products, each time you take a product of a product there will be less competition. The book industry itself has pretty big competition, you can choose to start you business there, but you will have to work past a lot of big companies to get to the top. A book about sports still has some competition but it will be less than the competition you would have with the “books”. If you choose to go for beach soccer, than the possibility that you will get to the top is so much bigger than when you go for just books.

How do i choose my own niche?!

So let’s get started step by step. First off, you can choose any niche you want! But i recommend you take a niche where your passion lies. If you take a niche where you don’t have any passion for, at some point you might get bored with it and that is not what we want to happen.

Step 1; Choose a product where your passion lies

Alright so i’m going to take wake boarding as a main product. Now what we want to do is try to see what a niche is within this product. We are going to do this with google. Take your product and follow me to google 🙂

Step 2; looking for a niche with google

Google niche

What i did here is just type in wake boarding, as you can see i already get 9 different kinds of options. Now some of them are just city’s so i don’t want those. So i’ve got the words; tricks, cable, boat, cable park and speed. Let’s add one of those words to together with wake boarding, i’m going to go with cable.

google niche 2

So now i’ve typed in wake boarding cable and again i got a lot of new options here. I’ve got; tips, tricks, cable vs boat, park tips, tricks for beginners, start, raley (some sort of trick).

Step 3: take your chosen words and search it with google

For now i’m going to stick with the word cable wake boarding. I’m going to type this into google and I’m going to see where i takes me.

So i ended up on a wake board site which is showing me a lot of niches where i could focus on. If you look at the words within the red border you can see all the niches i could focus on.

Wakeboard niche

Step 4: pick one of the niches you found and get started

So as you can see google and other websites are showing me a lot products and options within this niche. For now i’m just going to stick with the niche Cable wake boarding. I pick this niche because there is a lot i could write about, i could just start with the basics of what cable wake boarding is and after that i could go and talk about cable tricks from beginners to pro’s, i could also choose to talk about all the different kinds of boards, helmets, etc. (these are all kinds of niches within the niche i just choose).

Pick your niche and have fun with it!

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you liked it and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

Once you picked your niche and want to create a website, make sure you check out my other posts.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


4 thoughts on “What is a niche market product?!

  1. Hey Eelco, thanks for your clear explanation of how to narrow down a niche into segments using Google, this gives a clear understanding of how to target searches looking for specific products.
    You are right with regards to choosing a narrow niche that you are passionate about rather than going too broad. There’s potential to attract huge visitor numbers in the smallest of niches due to the staggering number of users on the web – exciting stuff!.
    All the best,


  2. Hee Simon,

    Thanks for the compliment! Good to hear that it gives a clear understanding!
    Passion in your niche is always the most important thing, people can see it when you are not passionate about your subject, even when you are writing it!

    You are totally right, there is so much going on the web and it is still growing. For every niche there is a market 🙂

    Wish u all the best too!

    Kind regards,



  3. Hi Jo!

    Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad to hear that it will help the people who are just starting with their websites!

    Wish u all the best!

    Kind regards,



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