Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 26-06-2018

Hi there! We have got some nice new Free Goods from creative market which I will be talking about! These 6 products stay free for one week! After the week you will have to buy them if you still want them. Don’t forget to sign up for free at creative market, so you don’t miss out on the free products!


This week free goods exist out of 2 kinds of fonts, 2 kinds of different graphics, 1 template and 1 package for Instagram!


Which fonts do we have?

Font 1: Karl Geoff

Great and professional looking font, it looks a bit like handwritten script. You could use it for signatures, logo’s or just to give something that classy and elegant look. Really easy to use and you can combine it with so much other things! A must have since it is free!


Font 2: Mempix Multicolor Font

Alright so this font is pretty easy to use. But in my opinion it is not a good and readable font.. It does have something from the 80s and could be seen as happy, cheerful, friendly or optimistic. But I would say, check it out yourself!


Next off, the graphics

Graphic 1: Badges & Banners kit

Something unique, that offers 200 products in total! If you are looking to create stamps, vintage logo or some cool badges you should definitely check this kit out!


Graphic 2: Girls portrait creator

This graphic is for those who are designing dolls for girls, little games or trying to sell t-shirts for little girls, or just want to create girl characters! You do need photoshop for this one!


The one and only template this time

Template 2: Grafico creative PowerPoint

If you are struggling to make your own PowerPoint presentation, you can just use this template! Looks professional, clean and simple.


Last but no least, a full Instagram package

Instagram stories starter pack:

Looking to give your Instagram a boost?! Check out all these designs and photo’s for free! Easy to edit to your own perforations!


See you next week!

That’s is for this week! Make sure your download them for free this week! If you want them and you didn’t download them this week you will have to pay for it you want them later.

Next week there will be a new post on Monday about the free goods! If you don’t know what creative market is, check out my review.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,



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