What is a good keyword? – Be the number 1 post on the first page!

Number 1

YES, you wrote your post! Straight away, your post is the number 1 post on the first page of google! If someone searches for anything, WHAM, there is your post!

Just kidding, you probably wrote your post, have been waiting for over 2 weeks and it just got noticed by google, didn’t even make it to the first page by far… YET. Well that probably is because you don’t understand how google is rating your site, what a good keyword is and how you should use them!

Let’s get started, I’m going to walk you through the following things;

– what is a good keyword

– how to use keyword tools

– how you know what a good keyword is

– how to use those keywords


What are keywords?

A keyword explained in a simple way; a word what your content is all about. A word which people are looking for a lot, so if they search something and your content is about that specific keyword, they will see your content. It’s the most important word in your post and everything you write will be about that specific word. You probably came on this post because you typed in a keyword in a search engine.

If you take a quick glance at this post, you will probably notice the keyword I’m targeting here. A keyword can be anything, as long as it is something that people are actually searching for. If you target a keyword where no one is searching for, it won’t be a good keyword. Luckily for you there are easy way’s to find out what a good keyword is. We have got some awesome keyword tools which make the search for a good keyword a lot easier.


Using good keyword tools makes it so much easier

The keyword tool I’m using myself is called Jaaxy. They have a lot to offer and give you in different way’s insight on why you have a good keyword or a bad keyword.

– How your site is ranked in the search engines

– What affiliate partner programs there are

– They analyze your searches

– They offer you a way to find more keywords (the alphabet soup)

– They offer you to save your keyword lists so you don’t have to search every time again

Jaaxy review

Jaaxy gives me a lot of insight on the keywords I want to use, every time I found a keyword, I run it through jaaxy to see if it is worth writing content about. If they say it is not, I look for something different and write my content about a different keyword. Jaaxy is offering a specific look on

– how much people are looking for your keyword,

– how much people actually go to a website with that keyword,

– how much other companies are using that keyword and even more.

– Jaaxy also helps you to find keywords related to the word you typed in.


Try it out for yourself right here!

jaaxy trying


The first searches are free, after that it is a payed service. Wealthy affiliate also uses Jaaxy, so if you sign up there (free), you could get some more free searches.


How do I know if something is a good keyword?

Alright so to find content and a good keyword, I usually start with google. Google is offering you exactly what people are looking for the most. And if you write about what people are looking for, you know you got good content. Follow me to google and I will explain what we are going to do. So the easy steps to find good keywords within google.

Step 1: type in something related to your niche (check out my other post if you don’t know your niche).

This is going to be similar to how to find a niche, but this time, I’m going to go with the first thing I see. I’m going to go with jaaxy (the keyword tool I’m using myself).

Jaaxy google

So as you can see I typed in jaaxy and I got 9 keywords straight away where I could write
about. But for now, I’m just going to go with Jaaxy.

So now we are going to use Jaaxy the keyword tool to find out if jaaxy itself is a good keyword. You can type your own keyword in the tool.

jaaxy trying


So typed in “Jaaxy” and these are the results I got:

Jaaxy keyword

As you can see they offer me related keywords to jaaxy, the offer me some analyses on the average search on this keyword, the offer me the traffic I could get to my website with this keyword, they offer me the QSR (the number of competing websites), I do have to click get QSR to get this number. And on the right side they even offer me some more related keywords I could use for different posts.

I can hear you think now, all fun and stuff but why is this useful to me and where do I have to pay attention to?

There are going to be 4 things you have to focus on and those things will be the rule whether you have a good keyword or a bad one.

  1. The average search on your keyword must be higher than 30 searches. If it is less than it doesn’t give enough opportunity.
  2. The traffic is not the most important factor. Of course, if there is a lot traffic for this word its way better, but if there are like 5 people coming to your website, it is still worth it. If there is no traffic, than don’t target this word 🙂
  3. The QSR, so the competition, must be below 100. Especially at the beginning. Google, doesn’t really rank you too fast at the beginning, so if you want to compete with a lot of other websites, you are just making it hard for yourself.
  4. The keywords must make sense. This is something really important, if you focus a keyword sentence that doesn’t even make sense, than everything you write is probably not going to make sense either.

Jaaxy analysis

Use keywords in the right way, because else it might just work against you

You found a good keyword and now you want to start creating you posts. For now, I’m going to give you 4 simple steps so you use it in a good way and not wrong. If you use your keyword too much, google is only going to negatively rank you.

  1. Use the keyword in your headline
  2. Use the keyword within the third-fifth sentence of your intro
  3. Use the keyword in your sub-headlines (but don’t copy past it, make a nice title around it)
  4. Don’t focus on the keyword if you are writing your content. If you are writing the content about the keyword, you will use the keyword enough already.

If you follow these steps google won’t negatively rank you and you content will be alright!

Get your keywords, create your content and start making money

Follow the steps I gave you and you can get started! The most important thing is that you write about something you are passionate about!! If you have keywords within your passion you will write so much easier and they keywords will be written without you even thinking about it.

If you liked the way Jaaxy looked, make sure you check it out for yourself. Wealthy affiliate is also offering some nice content about Jaaxy and keywords!

Hope this post was useful to you and if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know in a comment!

Wish u all the best!

Kind regards,



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