Improve SEO on wordpress – A quick and easy way

Waiting, waiting and waiting….. Writing a lot of content, focusing on all the good keywords but still the big search engines like google, bing and yahoo won’t see or rate your content. What can you do more now? There is another thing where you can focus on, this is search engine optimization (SEO). Never heard of it? Let me explain this and tell you how to improve SEO on wordpress!

What is SEO?
How do they find me?

What is SEO?

As I said, SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you are building your website, SEO and keywords will be your focus, that is, if, you want your post on the number one page from google, bing or yahoo. SEO is kinda what the name says, you want your website to be optimized for the search engines. If your website is optimized the search engines will be able to find and rank your site, which means you content and website will be placed higher and that leads to more traffic and income!

There is a lot going on with SEO, and a lot you have to look after. But for today I will be talking about how to improve SEO on wordpress. We will be improving the SEO with a plugin called “all in one SEO”.

SEO –> Website Rankings –> More Traffic –> More Income –> Happy You

WordPress – ALL IN ONE SEO!

The all in one SEO plugin is for me one of the best and easiest plugins you can have regarding SEO. First of all its FREE, with the option to go premium if you like to. The plugin is created in 2007 and it is still running and still popular, so that should tell you something about their services!

SEO all in one

Regarding SEO there is a lot going on and they take care of so many things for you, which gives you the time to focus on other things on your website! I could make a big list to show you what they do, but that will probably get you bored and we don’t want that right!

I’m just going to list the most important ones and the ones you probably understand. If you want to read everything they offer, just create a website and check out the plugin yourself.

The most important things they do:

  1. They make sure the back office from your website is friendly for the search engines (all the sitemaps, images etc.).
  2. They give google analytics support (which is important if you want to keep track of your visitors)
  3. If anything changes on your site they notify the search engines automatically
  4. They optimize your titles for the search engines
  5. They generate META tags automatically

So that’s just a few things they do and it makes such a big difference already. I recommend this plugin for everyone, and since its FREE, there is nothing you can lose here.


Improving your SEO on wordpress

Alright, so I explained what the “all in one SEO” plugin does. Now I’m going to help you set up this plugin in the right way.

Wealthy affiliate has made a video where they explain everything step by step for you.

SEO walkthrough video


If you don’t like to watch the video or it takes too long, I will explain everything word by word for you too!


Setting up SEO all in one on wordpress, step by step

And off we go! Follow me to your own website and then just follow my steps!

Step 1: Go to All in one SEO – General settings

SEO general settings

This is going to take you to the general settings page. Weird huh? 😉 Alright so on this page we are going to be doing a few simple steps. There are a lot of settings you will see but we will just need to adjust a few of them, so don’t worry!

Scroll down until you see the following descriptions;

Seo Title and description

Step 2: Fill in your home title and home description

Home title: This is what the search engines will show when they rank your website. It won’t show up on your website. Try to make this title reflect what you site is about, but do it with an extra touch.

Try to keep the length between 40-57 since that is what most of the search engines use as a maximum

Home description: This is just a description of what your website is about and how it is going to help the people. Don’t make this one to hard, just write it about what you website is.

For this the ideal length is under the 160 characters!

Seo Title and description filled in

Step 3: Scroll all the way down until you see this description

SEO keyword disabled

Step 4: Enable the keywords and you will see this picture.

SEO keyword enabled

Step 5: Scroll all the way up again until you are at the home title again. You now have an extra text block called “home keywords”. You are going to fill this in next. To fill it use “, ” to separate your keywords. Use keywords that describe your website.

Seo keywords filled

Step 6: That’s is all done and set up, your site will now be SEO ready in the back office.


Now let those search engines do their job!

YESSS, your SEO is all set up in the background and that is going to do his job now. So now you have time to do your job! Write a lot of content! Make sure you focus the good keywords when you write your content!

I hope this post was useful, let me know what you think of it in a comment below. If you have any questions or want to know where this back office SEO does show. Just ask me or look at the video above (Wealthy Affiliate shows it there).

Wish u all the best!

Kind regards,



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