Creative Market – Free goods – Week of 02-07-2018

Hi there! Here we are again with the creative market FREE GOODS of this week! I will be talking about 6 products which stay free for just this week. After this week you can still get them, but then you will have to pay for it. If you want to see the free goods every week keep checking my website or sign up at creative market for free!


This week free goods are 2 kinds of fonts, 1 bundle of photos, 1 template, 1 graphic and 1 add-onn.

Write in a beautiful way!

Font 1: Mur Typeface

I personally love this one, it is really easy to the eye and you could use it for many things! Will probably work great if you use it for quotes and that sort of things!

Font 2: Sukima Stencil


A bold industrial inspired design, perfect for logos or a catch phrase. Wouldn’t use it for long text, because it becomes a bit unreadable. Comes in multiple languages.


Amazing photo’s doesn’t matter what it is about right?

Photo bundle: Men’s style and fashion

High quality photos of men’s business clothing and accessories. Could be used for composition, bloggers, websites, brochures and many others.


The perfect templates for your own design

Template: Neutral Instagram story templates

If you have checked last weeks free goods this would be the perfect addition to that Instagram bundle. 17 professionally designed story templates. If you want to customize them you need photoshop though.


Patterns, patterns and patterns

Pattern: Liquid repeat patterns

You can use this pattern for a lot of things! You can use it for wrapping paper, packaging, branding, greeting cards, textiles and a lot more. You could change the colors if you want to, but you will need photoshop for that.


Into the traveling or love adventures?

Add-ons: Travel & Adventure lightroom presets.

You get 58 presets for lightroom and 14 local adjustments brushes! And that all for free! Make your pictures for Instagram look even better with these presets! You do need photoshop to adjust all of this!


See you next week!

That’s it for this week again! Make sure you download them for free now, if you don’t want them later you can always delete them! But you can’t download them for free later anymore! If you want them after this week you will have to pay for it!

Next week there will be more free goods from creative market. Don’t forget to sign up or check my review about creative market.

If you have any questions just leave them below.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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