Jaaxy – The only thing you really need to succeed – Review

Jaaxy review

If you don’t know what jaaxy is yet, then you are 3 steps behind your opponent in the online business!

In this review I will be talking about Jaaxy the keyword tool. I will tell u what it is, what it does, how it works and what their pros and cons are! If you are looking to save time and find the perfect keywords, then you should definitely read this review.

Alright so in short, jaaxy is a keyword and research platform that is developed by affiliate marketeers for affiliate marketeers. They make the process of finding the perfect keywords easy for you. If you search for a keyword in their platform they will show you the averages searches, the traffic you could get, the competition on that word and the available domains.

So if you want your content to be about the perfect keywords, then you should definitely read this review and get your content ranked on the first pages in google.

Jaaxy – overview and ranking

Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Price: starter: FREE, Pro: 49,- /month, Enterprise: 99,-/month

Support: 9 / 10

Tools: 9 / 10

mywebsiteacademy.com overall rating: 9 / 10

Jaaxy – Pros and Cons


Jaaxy has a FREE starters option

– Really easy to use

– Accurate data

– Enough help and explaining if you don’t get what something does

– No useless data, just straight up what you need to know

– No software download or installation needed.

– Good and fast support if you want to ask something or give them feedback

– Everyone can use it, if you are a beginner or expert, doesn’t matter

– Tons of tools to find a good keyword


The free program only gives you 30 searches

– If you want to go pro and you are on a budget it can be pretty high priced (I do have a good solution for this though, you will read that later)

– Some tools you will be paying for are barely used and you don’t have the option to pay less

Jaaxy – For who is this tool?

Jaaxy is a great tool that can be used by anyone who is in the online business! It really doesn’t matter if you are just starting a website in a new niche or if you are an expert already and have a great website up and running.

You could be a blogger, affiliate marketeer, youtuber, SEO company, someone who is looking for the best keywords, someone who is checking out their competition. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are online.

Jaaxy – Free and payed services

So Jaaxy has 3 options for you.

Starter – Pro and Enterprise. The difference between these options is the price, the searches and the automatic searches.

Starter: Free package.

You will get a total of 30 keyword searches in any of their tools. The results you get will be limited to 20. So this package is really just to try, and see how Jaaxy works.

Pro: 49,- a month

  • Here Jaaxy is going to give you unlimited keyword searches
  • Research analyses
  • Sortable search results
  • Manual QSR searches (competition search)
  • Manual domain search
  • Alphabet soup 15 letters

and even more! This package is enough for people who are just getting started, but also people who already have a website running!

Enterprise: 99,- a month

This one is for the real experts out there, running multiple websites and a bigger online business!

  • 5x faster compared to the free package
  • Automated QSR search
  • Automated domain search
  • alphabet soup 50 letters
  • unlimited keyword lists

And even more options!

Check out the picture below to get a full view and understanding of the packages.

Jaaxy prices

Jaaxy – Support

Jaaxy is offering support in two kinds of ways. They offer support if there is something you don’t understand, or if you want them to add something which you think would be nice. And the second thing is they explain Jaaxy with the help of some videos.

Jaaxy has an amazing support team and is really fast and reliable with their answers. They are always ready to help you out when you need it. Jaaxy is founded by the same owners as Wealthy affiliate, so you can expect some good answers from these guys.

The videos they offer where they explain how jaaxy will be available for you once you sign up. They will explain “Jaaxy keyword research and management”, “Jaaxy website research and analysis” and “Niche refinement”

Jaaxy contact

Jaaxy – All the tools they are offering

As I said, jaaxy has a lot of tools which you can use! It doesn’t matter in which niche you are creating your website, jaaxy will show u the best keywords that you can use.

I’m going to give you an example of the keyword search with pictures or you can watch a little video. With the pictures I will be searching on a niche that won’t be used that much; football socks

As you can see, I typed in football socks got a ton of results, now all I have to do is pick the right one. Jaaxy shows you the following:

  • Keyword results and other keywords which also can be good
  • The average search on the keywords (AVG)
  • The traffic that will go to your website on this keyword
  • The QSR (so the competition, other websites who also focus this keyword)
  • The KQI, (keyword quality indicator, if this is a good keyword to use)
  • SEO (how likely you will be to rank with this word)
  • Domains (which are available for your that keyword)

So next up is going to be the Alphabet Soup technique. This is used if you want to search for anything that other people are looking for on the internet. They use google instant to see what people are searching for.

Jaaxy alphabet soup

It is really easy and really nice to use. You can just scroll the bar to the letters you want to see.

The other features Jaaxy is offering is the following;

  • Save keyword lists. Each time you search for keywords, you can save them in a list so you won’t have to do the searches every time. You can take some time to search for a lot of keywords and then save them, so the next time all you got to do is check your lists and start writing your content.
  • Search history. Is exactly what is say, it will show you your history so you can always see which keywords you already checked.
  • Search analysis. Jaaxy is showing you your competition on that keyword. It will show who is on the first page of google, bing or yahoo. It is amazing and detailed so you know what you are up against.
  • Affiliate program. Ofcourse you want to know if you can make some money with this keyword. Jaaxy is showing you the affiliate programs that are around this word.
  • Brainstorm. This feature is going to help you when you are out of idea’s. You have no idea what you want to write about. So Jaaxy is showing you the latest trends in google, alexa, amazon and twitter!

I’m sure after all this reading you want to try it out for yourself!

I get it, who am I to tell you what to do, right? Just check it out for yourself, see how it works and if you like it then sign in. If not then don’t. Just know I want you to use an easy keyword tool that is going to save you a lot of time in the keyword research!

jaaxy trying

Just promise me one thing here please, if you choose or if you don’t choose to use Jaaxy, let me know in a comment why u did or didn’t choose for Jaaxy. I’m always curious to the reasons why people choose what they choose!

Sign up now and take advantage of the free bonus on Jaaxy!

I think I didn’t mention the bonus yet right? Or did I? If you sign up with jaaxy they will offer you 3 times a bonus!

Ofcourse you are signing up for the best keyword tool there so, so a bonus is the extra time you will be saving for other things. But what jaaxy is offering is the following;

3 PDF files, containing

  • 1,000 high traffic, low competition keywords
  • Niche researches and keyword succes
  • Domain industry secrets

I myself am still using these PDF files, because they are really useful! Always nice to get something extra right?!

For the readers who think I have forgotten about the solution for the price, well I didn’t :). I don’t have a solution to make the price cheaper (well maybe a little at first, for 1 month). But I do have a solution to make the price more appealing.

Wealthy Affiliate is also using Jaaxy, once you become a member there you pay the same price but you also get access to all the wealthy affiliate features and training. I can tell you, it is a lot of training and courses they are offering. And to make it even better, at wealthy affiliate I also have a BONUS for you plus you still get the BONUS from Jaaxy!

Double bonus, when is that ever wrong?!

Sign up for Wealthy affiliate or Jaaxy right now!

Getting started is the only way you will get ahead

I hope you found this review useful and hope you are going to get your business rolling soon! If you have any questions or what to tell me what you think of this review just leave me a comment below! Much appreciated 🙂

Thank you for reading!

I wish u all the best in your own adventure

Kind regards,


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