How to start your own online business? Don’t miss this chance

Are you sick of being unable to do what you love because you need more money? Are you looking for something what you love doing or love to talk about and maybe earn some money with it? Are you afraid that you don’t have the knowledge to start your own business? Have you tried so many things already that you don’t know what to do or trust anymore? Are you wondering why this post would be different than the 5 you’ve just seen?

Well whatever your reason is, today is going to change all of that! The difference between this post and the 5 other post is YOU! I will give you the guidelines to start your own online business for free, but it is YOU who will have to put in the work to make it happen.

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As I said, I will give you the guidelines of how to start your own online business and it is going to be for free! And I will even give you the chance to have me by your side to guide you, when you decide to start your own business. But let me first say, if you are not willing to put in the work that you will need to put into this, than don’t even bother reading further. It is not some kind of magic trick that will start up your business it’s you who is going to get this business rolling.


After these ten steps you have no one to answer to but yourself

So yeh, I’ve put together 10 simple steps for you to follow and if you follow them closely you will have your own online business up and rolling shortly. Are you looking to be your own boss, to get that freedom you always wanted, to answer to no one, but yourself?! But are you also willing to put in some time and effort and you won’t give up after a short period of time?

If the answers to all these questions is YES, than I suggest you get started and start your own online business today!

Start with a website
Follow the easy steps and go!

Make sure this is what you want

You don’t have anyone pushing you to do your work now, it is all from your own motivation. So step 1 is going to be to make sure you really want this. You have nothing to lose here, since it is all going to be free, free hosting, free writing, no commitments with money yet.

But I want you to promise me, if you say yes now and you are going through all my steps, I want you to commit to this, at least try it for something like 6 months, maybe even a year. See where it takes you, see it as a hobby first and grow it to a business later. Of course this all depends on how much time and effort you will put into the online business!

So are you sure already? Then Let’s get started on how to start your own online business!

Work smart not hard


Decide what kind of online business you want to be

In this post I will be give you the opportunity to choose between three kinds of businesses. This is going to be step 2 to start your own online business by the way 🙂

  1. Affiliate partner
  2. Choose a niche and sell products from other people
  3. – Selfpromoting

1. This means that you will be promoting other companies and once people sign in through your link and buy something or become a member off that community. You will get some money for it. So what you will be doing with this kind of online business is writing blogs, trying to get visitors to your website and promoting other companies.

2. This is an online business where you will be selling other companies products. For example if you choose as a niche; football, you could be promoting football shoes or socks. So basically you will be writing product reviews why people should buy that specific product. Next to that, you will also be trying to get visitors to your website.

3. If for example you already have your own business, but you are not an online business yet. Let’s say you are a fitness trainer, you will be promoting your own products, your own gym, but you could also try to sell products from other companies and make some extra money with that. So here you will be doing a combination of writing blogs, writing product reviews, writing content about your own gym and your own product and the most important part again. Trying to get visitors to your online business.

Choose your niche and make sure it is something you are passionate about

Alright, so you have decided what kind of business you want to be, else you wouldn’t be reading the next step right. Step 3 is going to be choose a niche within your own online business. If you don’t know what a niche is, you can read it here.

For this step I recommend you take something where you are really passionate about. This makes it so much easier to write content for your own online business. At some point there will probably be struggles to continue, so if at that point you are writing about your passion it will be easier to get over that point.

The easiest to start is choosing a niche that is less popular, this way there won’t be too many competing companies. But who I am to tell you what to do, if you like the competition, go for a big niche and work your way up to the top!

Always follow your passion!


Set your goals and make a planning on what you are going to do

this is one of the most important steps, because this is going to be your motivation and you have to Achieve your goals if you want to succeed. Step 4: Set up goals for your own online business!

So Let’s get started right away here. Take a pen and paper or write it down in word or whatever, as long as you write it down.

First goal – your long term goal, what do you want to Achieve with your company. This can be anything do you want world peace? Do you want to be the biggest company there is or do you just want to earn an x amount of money with your own online business? It doesn’t matter what this goal is, but the sky is the limit where you can go with your own online business!

Second goal – Your short term goal, here you will need multiple goals. For example what do you want to earn monthly with your own online business? How many visitors do you want on your website monthly or weekly? How many products do you want to sell monthly? How many posts or reviews do you want to write weekly? Where do you want your company to be in say like 3 months? What kind of look do you want to create on your website?

Make those short terms goals realistic, but make sure they are challenging you. If they don’t challenge you, they won’t be a motivation. And you probably won’t bother to complete them.

Write down goals you want to reach!


Find a reliable host for your online business

Alright so we are on step 5 of how to start your own online business already! Jeez, that is a lot of text and information! Let’s take a 10-second break! Grab something to drink, give your brain some rest, go to the toilet and after that we will start again.

Oke, we are good to go again. Find a reliable host for your own online business. What I mean here is, find someone whose server doesn’t crash, who is offering tech support, who is doing all the work in the back office for your website etc. I can recommend wealthy affiliate here, they offer you 2 free websites to host on their network and it stays free! They also give some free training and guiding when you are building your website!

Wealthy affiliate

I’m hosting my own websites there too and I didn’t have any problems with them so far.

Get your website online even if it isn’t perfect

the only way ahead is to get started! Step 6: Get your business online!

I don’t have much to say here. Its better to have you business online with some content and a good website in the basic foundation, than to wait with getting your website online because it isn’t perfect yet. If you don’t have your website online you are already missing out on possible visitors! So get it online as quick as you can and show it off!


Start writing your content

Step 7 for your own online business! This is going to be your focus, you want people to see something on your website. You want people to have something to read and I mean to read something useful. If possible you will have to write around 3 posts a week or 3 product reviews a week. This way you can get a good amount of content on your website and the search engines like google and yahoo will gain more trust in your website.

Enter post here

Get your goals straight again and replace them with new goals

Step 8: keep your goals up to date!

This is so important!! You have to keep motivating yourself to do all the work! You don’t have anyone to push you to do your work now, since you have your own online business! If you have reached a goal, replace it with a new goal and grow bigger and better this way!

Keep motivating and pushing yourself to become better.

Goals are there to celebrate


Start promoting your business on social media

Step 9 to start your own online business. The crucial part to make money is of course visitors. You have you website, your niche, your content, your goals but now you need the visitors to read and buy your content!

So you should start your online business on social media as well. Make an account for Facebook, google plus, pinterst, twitter, Instagram and even more if you want to! I do suggest that you at least make an account for Facebook, google plus and pinterest!

Facebook is of course one of the biggest and easiest ways, pinterest is a growing community and really easy to promote your online business there and google plus is needed so that google is going to trust your website more.

Facebook Guide
Creating a brand


Repeat, repeat, repeat until you can’t repeat no more

The last step for your own online business is going to be repeat all the steps if they can be repeated! If you stop at a certain point because it is going well already, you are missing out on the chance to grow even bigger or you might get outdated. You have to keep improving in order to keep your business alive!

So always keep repeating the steps and keep improving your own knowledge and with that knowledge improve your own online business!


Don’t be afraid to ask for help its nothing to be ashamed off

there are thousands and thousands of people who have been on this road already. Why should you make the same mistakes as them if you have the choice to learn from them. Ask what they did, how they did it and why they did it and than make this process something of your own. Don’t make their mistakes, but make your own mistakes, learn from them too and you will become better than your competing businesses.

I’m not saying you have to follow everyone else exactly how they do it, but I’m saying you have to learn from their mistakes. Learn from the path everyone is taking, than take the path where no one goes, create your business and learn from your own path. Then you will have the knowledge of both paths and you can grow bigger than all of them.

Last thing I’m going to tell you is the following;

STOP DELAYING YOURSELF FROM STARTING YOUR BUSINESS, there can be millions of reasons why you say you are not ready at the moment. Maybe you are afraid, maybe you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t know what to do, you don’t have a computer. Everything is just an excuse not to start, make the step and start already. Think in possibility’s not in impossibility’s

I’m giving you the opportunity for free, you have NOTHING to lose here, just a bit of time. But if you don’t use your time for this, a chance to make money and to start to live the life you want, you will find a way to waste you money on something else. Use your time for something good and create something even better with it.

Start your own online business for free right now!

Still, afraid because you don’t know what is going to happen? Read my review of wealthy affiliate first and than make the choice to start.

Thanks for reading, hope this post was useful for you! And I hope to see your online business soon!

Let me know in a comment what you started and how your journey is going! I’m always here to help and curious about how other people are building their business! Also, let me know what your reason is why you won’t start a business, maybe I can help!

Wish u all the best!

Kind regards,


6 thoughts on “How to start your own online business? Don’t miss this chance

    1. Hi Norman,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad to hear you like my advice!

      Wish u all the best,

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  1. Hey Eelco, great article, clean content. If i was a newbie, i would be signing up immediately and creating my website using this content.


    1. Hi Enock,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad to hear you think it useful for people who are just starting!

      Wish u all the best with ur business!

      Kind regards,



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