Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 23-07-2018

Hi there and welcome back! This week we will be talking about again 6 new FREE GOODS from creative market. It is only free for this week, so just download them and if you don’t want them you can delete them later. After this week you will have to pay for it! Don’t want to miss any of the free goods? Just sign up at creative market, or you can first read my review about them.

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The free goods of this week are going to be two fonts, 3 graphics and a set of photo’s!


So Let’s start writing already

Font 1: Routen lightning monoline

Cool looking font, which comes in multiple languages. It has that old vintage look and you could use it for logo’s, badges, emblems and many more!


Font 2: Dandelion

Beautiful handwritten kind of font, its perfect for that inspirational quote, Instagram, logo’s or any kind of quote!

I’m showing what the fonts look like at my youtube channel, if you are curious about the fonts!


What cool graphics do we have?

Graphic 1: 260 color line icon 2x

Done with the regular icons shown on your pc? Then the 260 color line icons are perfect for you. They look clean, easy and yet a bit different!


Graphic 2: watercolor floral prints&patterns;

Looking for those floral patterns and prints? Then you have just found what you have been looking for!


Graphic 3: Oh la la Llama

Do you love lama’s as much as the creator of these graphics does? She’s got some hand sketched lama graphics for you!


Be amazed by the beautiful pictures

Pictures: Lifestyle stock photo bundle

Amazing pictures of the lifestyle, 14 portrait, 8 landscape and 5 square images. And it is all free!


See you next week!

That is it for the week again! Make sure you download the free goods while they are free! If you wait until after this week, you will have to pay for it. So just download them and delete them later if you don’t want them.

Next week Monday I will show you the new free goods of that week again! Don’t forget to sign up at creative market or read my review about them!

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment below.

Wish u all the best

Kind regards,


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