What Is An Affiliate Partner? – The Easy Way To Earn Money Online

Don’t want the trouble to buy products, get a storage box for all your products, send them to the customers and then you have to pay for the products you send out?! Well become an affiliate partner and you won’t have to go through all the struggle. But what is an affiliate partner? All you got to do here is build you own website, get traffic and wait for the paycheck!

empty business card
Write down whatever you want!

Sounds beautiful right; becoming an affiliate partner, by selling products that you don’t own.


What is an affiliate partner?

Being an affiliate partner means you promote products from other companies through your own website. For example if you have a website about books, you can write a review about those books and then place a link to the website which sells these books, this could be Amazon. This link has to be an affiliate link of course, which you can get by joining the affiliate program of Amazon. This sounds pretty easy don’t you think?

So for an affiliate partner you need only 3 things

– Your own website

– Traffic on your website, so this means a lot of people visiting your website

– A product to sell, which you can get from a different company

If you have these three things you can become a successful affiliate partner!

Succes, go get it!
You got this!


What does an affiliate partner do?

Alright first things first, you need to know what products you want to promote! So the first task I’m
going to give you is; think of a product or a niche market which you want to promote and start you business in. The most important part here is to pick something where you have passion for. Once you got that it is going to make it so much easier to promote that product, because you love what you are talking about.

Second thing you need to do as an affiliate partner is create your own website. To help you with this I wrote two posts, one is about starting your own online business and the other is how to create a website in 30 seconds. You will need to create you own brand, something people trust and where they come to for advice. Being an affiliate partner doesn’t mean you are going to earn money really quick, but it does mean you can earn money pretty easy eventually.

Working and earning money online

The last thing and probably the most important thing is to write content about your product and promote it. I will tell you which 3 things are most used to promote your product with writing.

  1. Write reviews about the product – you can choose to do single reviews and make top 10 reviews. This way you review your product twice, which means twice as much content on your website and that is good for you website!
  2. Write posts about the product, tell people about the things the product is offering, if you are promoting stays at a hotel you can tell people in a post about the land they are visiting, about the city they are going to, you could make a top 10 must do sightseeing.
  3. Last thing you can do is just write your personal stories about something. For example if you have been on a holiday you can tell them where you have been, where you have stayed and then promote the hotel in a personal way, as your recommendation.

So my second task for you is going to be, think of at least 3 more different ways to promote your
product, write them down and just try which one works best for you! If you did this you can always leave your idea’s down below in a comment so you can help other people with it too!

How can I become an affiliate partner

Now you might have this question in your mind “but how can I find an affiliate program?”.

Well the answer to this question is quite simple! Just google it šŸ™‚ There are a lot of affiliate programs for all sorts of products. All you got to do to find them is, type into google “the name of your product + affiliate partner”, for example, books + affiliate partner. You will see there are really a lot of affiliate partner programs!

Another thing you will find out is that there is a difference between an affiliate community and a single company. Which you prefer is all up to you. The difference here is that within the community you will have one company paying you for all the products you sell from the companies within that community and with the single affiliate partner programs you will have more different companies paying you.

Go through the affiliate bootcamp and become a master

the choice is up to you, you can start already with the information given above or you can choose to go through an affiliate bootcamp offered by Wealthy Affiliate. They are offering 7 phases of training for you to master the affiliate partner. The first phase if free the other phases you will have to pay for it, but sometimes it is better to pay for something so you can make more money than to just stick with the free advice. But since you can start for free, no extra catches you can always check it out yourself!

bootcamp wa


Have fun, try things, make mistakes and become the best affiliate partner you want to be!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you can do something with the information given above. You should be able to answer the question “what is an affiliate partner” by now so the rest is up to you, hard work pays off is all I can say!

If you want to read my full review on Wealthy affiliate you can do it here.

Don’t forget to comment you idea’s to promote your products so you can help other people too! Sharing is caring šŸ™‚ If you have any other suggestions just leave a comment below.

Wish u all the best,

Kind Regards,


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