How To Find Affiliate Partners – 4 Easy Steps

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You get 50% of the money from every product you sell for someone! That sounds good right? Maybe even 80% of every product you sell for someone else?! But then the product with this cashback doesn’t even fit with your own niche, so it won’t sell. The question is, “how to find affiliate partners”, how to find a GOOD affiliate partner! Well it is quite easy to find affiliate partners!


How to find affiliate partners – find out what your niche is

Alright so the first thing you really need to know is “what is your niche?”. You probably already know this, else you wouldn’t be trying to find an affiliate program already. It is smart to get your website up and running already with a bit of content before you start applying to an affiliate program. Some programs take a look at your website and if there is nothing on it they might not approve your website to become their affiliate partner. Next to that, if you have no clue what your niche is or where you want to be an affiliate partner for, it is going to be hard for you to find affiliate partners.

There are just to many affiliate programs for you to sign up, and you won’t promote anything well if you sign up for all kinds of different affiliate programs, with products not related to your niche! To make things short here, first you need a niche, secondly you need a website up and running with already a bit of content on it.


How to find affiliate partners – type in your niche + affiliate program

Ready for the hard search to find affiliate partners? Follow me to google and we will find you an affiliate partner in 5 seconds!

So I’m going to search for the niche “affiliate community + affiliate program

Affiliate partners
Look how many there are

As you can see there are tons of affiliate programs already for this subject. You can scroll down a bit within the results you got from your own niche and pick one you like. I’m going to pick “The most active affiliate marketing community. Period. – Wealthy Affiliate“. This was quite easy right? Finding an affiliate partner isn’t that hard, but you do have to find the right affiliate partner.


How to find affiliate partners – Under the right conditions

The next thing we will be talking about is how to find affiliate partners under the right conditions! What are the right conditions? For this you have to do a little thinking for yourself. What do you want to get out of this affiliate partnership?

For me I always ask myself a few questions:

  • What is the conversion rate? (how much do I get for each product I sell)
  • Is the program also working for my country
  • What kind of products do they sell
  • What amount of money do I need before they pay out
  • Is it free or do I have to pay for it

So these are a few questions I ask myself and for that is more than enough. If you have any other conditions you want from the affiliate partner you will have to think of them for yourself.

Most of these question they already answer when you go to their affiliate partner program page. So
try to find those things within the page you are just on. If you are not on their affiliate partner program page yet, try to find it first. Most of the times it is always on their bottom header.

Afilliate partner wa

See the red border to find their affiliate program. If I click it, they will redirect me to their affiliate program page.

Afilliate partner explained

On this page they will explain you who they are and what kind of program they offer you. So this is the page that will give the answers to my questions. So do they have the right answers to all my questions? Yes they do, its working for my country, they are offering a platform for people who want to start their affiliate business and guide them here (so this is their product), it is a free service, I can choose my own amount of money when they have to pay out and the conversion can be 12%! For me this would be the perfect affiliate partner.

If you are on the page of an affiliate program from your own niche now, just take the time to read through it and when you are done we will go to our final step. If you want to go this Wealthy affiliate page too, just click on the picture above.

How to find affiliate partners – sign up and start sharing their products

Once everything fulfills your conditions there are just 2 things left to do.

The first thing you have to do is sign up – within wealthy affiliate all I had to do is fill in my email, name, username and password and that is. So that is pretty easy for me, some affiliate programs are a bit harder to sign up because they also need your website already and you bank account etc.

Second thing you are going to do is find the affiliate links for their products, write good content about their products, start promoting it and start to earn some money!

Affiliate example

Good luck finding your own perfect affiliate partner

By now you know how to find affiliate partners and you can get started with your business!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it was useful for you! If you have any questions or suggestions just let me know in a comment below.

Wish u all the best,

Kind Regards,


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