Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 06-08-2018

Hi all and welcome back to this week new FREE GOODS from creative market! Again there are 6 new FREE GOODS and they are just free for this week, if you download them later than this week, you will have to pay for it! Don’t want to miss out on the new free goods every week? Sign in at creative market, it’s all for free, no catches!

This week free goods are 2 fonts, 1 template, 2 graphics and 1 add-on, So lets check it out!


It’s all about writing with style

Font 1: Ethna italic

A modern and vintage font, comes in multiple languages! You can get it in the light and the bold version.


Font 2: Dinotype Family

Someone let their creativity gone wild! The Dinotype font, it’s just a fun font to make your writing come alive! If you work with children a lot, this is the font you would want to have!


Make your life easy with a template

Template 1: Light Facebook cover

 A template perfect for Facebook to show off your branding, show a new promotion, display your business information. It makes your facebook page look professional!


Show off with some cool graphics

Graphic 1: Mid-century modern patterns

 Some nice patterns which you can use for everything, books covers, t-shirts, mobile cases, you think of something and you can use it! It are 8 seamless designs, just for you!


Graphic 2: The epic collage maker

 Looking to create your own collage? Use this collage maker with 120 professional designed graphic elements!


And the last one is a cool add-on

add-on 1: Sans-serif lettering worksheet

 Learn how to create the san serif font style so you never have to download it again! This worksheet is perfect for beginners to professionals!


See you next week!

This was it again for this week! Make sure you download the free goods while they are free! If you download them now you can always delete them later, if you download the free goods later they won’t be free anymore.

Next Monday I will show the free goods of that week again! Don’t forget to sign up at creative market if you don’t want to miss out on the free goods, if you want to know more about creative market you can read my review about them here and if you want to see me showing the fonts check my YouTube video here!

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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