Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 13-08-2018

Hi all and welcome back to my website! Creative market has 6 new FREE GOODS for you this week! If you download the free goods later than this week, they won’t be free anymore! So make sure you download them if you want them! Don’t want to miss out on these free goods every week? Sign up for free at creative market, it stays free so no catches here!

The free goods from this week are of course 2 Fonts, 2 Templates, 1 Graphic and 1 add-on


Write something beautiful

Font 1: Soak up the Sun

 It looks a bit like you have been writing in the sand or like you have dipped your finger in some paint and started writing like you did when you were a child! You do need photoshop to edit this font though.


Font 2: Claxton

 Stylish and a really clean font, if you want that professional look for your website this is the right font for it!


Life is easier with templates

Template 1: Roka – PowerPoint template

A PowerPoint template created based on the Japanese minimalist style! Want to present your business, your idea’s, your sales or whatever, this PowerPoint presentation will win for sure!


Template 2: Resume | CV + bonus

 Modern template for a resume and CV, they even have some tips and examples for you how to write it and make it look perfect! You won’t miss out on a job anymore because of your resume!


Add a cool graphic and you will have it all

Graphic 1: 78 perfect line icons

 Looking for some different and creative icons to use? This is the perfect set-up for that! They have expressed word and picture perfectly together.


Do you have the magic already?

Add-on 1: Magic noise brushes

 6 cool noise brushes made specially for you! They are made for the procreate app, so if you download the brushes, you will have to download that app too!


See you next week!

That were the free goods for this week again! Make sure you download them this week, even if you don’t want them yet! You can always delete them later, if you don’t download them now but want them later you have to pay for it!

Next Monday I will show you the new 6 free goods from that week again. Afraid of missing out on the Free Goods, just sign in at creative market and you don’t have to be afraid for that! If you want to read more about creative market you can check my review about them and if you want to see more off the fonts check my YouTube video here.

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,




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