How To Earn Money Online For Free – Top 3 List

The number one question from everyone; “how to earn money online for free“.

earning Money

Everyone has that wish where you can sit on the beach, buy that Ferrari you always wanted, buy al the clothes you want without feeling guilty or without having to spend all your money! Some people will admit they have that wish, others will say money doesn’t matter. But once you have that amount of money, I’m sure they won’t complain either.

Well I have the answer to the question “how to earn money online for free”! My top three of legit ways to make money online. Ways that really work if you put the time they need into it! Do I have your attention already, well lets talk about the answers then!


You can earn money online for free, but it won’t be a quick way or a way without putting work in it!

Before you get your hopes up, these 3 ways are not going to be “10 seconds work and earn money”. Most of the bloggers on the internet are way to easy with telling people that they can earn money online. Yes it is true, everyone can earn money online for free and when I say everyone I mean everyone. But! To earn money online, you have to treat it like your own business, you know why? Because it is a business, just like a physical business, but yours is better, because it doesn’t have to cost any money.

Having your own online business means a few things. You will have to put a lot of time into your business, the amount of time you put in is what you get out of it in visitors and the more visitors you have on your website the higher the potential is for you to earn money. Next to putting a lot of time into your business, you will need to have dedication, you will have to be consistent, you need ambition, you will need guidance and above all you need passion!

If you have all the things I just said above, then there is a good chance for you to make money. If you only have dedication, you will come a long way too, but having everything is a lot easier 🙂 Let me tell you this though, because a lot of you are probably wondering if they want to continue now. The moment you make your first sale and you earn money with your business is magic!

Feels like magic!

That one moment is going to make it all worth it, because that is the point where all your hard work is paying off and it is the moment your method proves to be working. After you make your first sale, you will see that everything is just going up (if you continue the way you did) and at some point you will get that passive income. That is the moment you make money online for free and you can just sit with your ass on a beach and do nothing for a little while.


There are lots and lots of ways to earn money online for free

But in this post I will answer the question “how to earn money online for free” with three things that have proven to work.

I’ve made this small list for you based on the following criteria

  • It has to be easy to get started
  • It has a big potential to earn money on the long term
  • You can do it everywhere and anytime you like, as long as you have internet


Promoting and selling products which you don’t own in a legit way!

How can this be a legit way of earning money for free u are asking? Well it’s called affiliate marketing. What you do here is build a website, create content and promote a product from someone else, once you get visitors to your website you can try to sell that product. If someone clicks on a link you will redirect them to the product your promote and if they end up buying it, then you will get a commission for that product. That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

In my opinion affiliate marketing has the most potential to become a passive income, if done correctly. Now you might be thinking, but I have no clue on how to build a website or how to promote products. This is the part where the right guidance is coming in. Luckily for you there are a lot of platforms which can help you and guide you to do affiliate marketing correctly.

Wealthy affiliate is one of those platforms for example, they give you access to all sorts of training and tools to build a website, send visitors to it and monetize is from the products you recommend and the best part about this; it is FREE TO USE. To simplify it they will guide you in a few simple steps; choosing a niche, creating your website, attract visitors, earn money and get that right social engagement. If you want to know more about Wealthy affiliate you can read my review about them.

Pro’s for affiliate marketing;

  • If done correctly is has a very high potential to earn passive income
  • It is free, you don’t have to buy product to sell them
  • There is a lot of guidance
  • You can do this for almost everything you want (almost every product is available for affiliate marketing)
  • You don’t need any place to store products since you don’t own them yourself
  • All you got to do is get visitors to your website and redirect them to the other websites

Con’s for affiliate marketing;

  • The first months will be all about writing content
  • You do need visitors before you can sell anything
  • You need to build a brand and get that trust from people and the search engines

Tips for affiliate marketing;

  • Accept help from other people and let them guide you
  • Be consistent in what you do, they way you write, when you write etc.
  • Don’t give up, maybe the break through is going to be the next day. As long as you follow the right guidance, you will succeed if you are consistent.
  • Make sure whatever you do is quality, it is better to have quality instead of writing a lot which makes no sense.
  • Last but not least, be creative, do what others do but give it your own touch!

=>>>>>Get started with affiliate marketing and get that right guidance for free!<<<<<=


Writing about your passion and help other people with it

Doing whatever, whenever you want

Freelancing is another great and populair way to earn money online for free. The requirement here is that you are able to write interesting and engaging content exactly what people are asking for. If you are able to do this, then you might have a good chance to earn money with it! But I do have to say, finding the right project might not be too easy. If you are starting out you might get hired for the short term projects, some projects you won’t like but you will have to accept them to build a portfolio. Once you have a decent portfolio you can start to be a bit more picky about your projects and you can try to search for a long term project which pays well. If you have
done this, then freelance writing is a nice way to earn money.

You can take a look at a community of freelancers! On that community people are looking for freelancers and you could sign up for some projects there!

You can also offer your service for this if you are a graphic designer, got some skills for video editing or whatever you are skilled in! Freelancing sites often are looking for those services too!

Pro’s for freelancing

  • If you got a good portfolio you can get some amazing long term projects to work on
  • You can do it anywhere you like, as long as you do your work
  • You can choose your own projects, so you can pick where your passion lies
  • If you have the right project you can earn a good amount of money

Con’s for freelancing

  • The beginning is pretty rough because you will need to build a good portfolio first
  • There are a lot of other freelancers, so you have to be able to bring something unique
  • The people you write for can give you a rating and with freelance writing this can hurt pretty much

Tips for freelancing

  • Make sure you have a lot of work online which other companies or people who are hiring you can see
  • Only apply to jobs which will be good for you and your portfolio, If you come across someone who doesn’t really know what they are looking for or what they are talking about don’t take that job! You might end up with an unfinished job or bad feedback on your profile!
  • Try to focus on the long term contracts, this will be way more rewarding for your portfolio and you will end up earning more money. Freelance platforms value long term projects way more than the short term projects.
  • If you want a project, make sure you are unique and thorough in your way of proposing yourself. There are tons of other people out there trying to get that same project, you have to stand out. Never give up!
  • In the beginning you may have to work for less money than you are used to, but once you get a good portfolio you can start to ask more money!


Help other people by teaching them a language


Teaching your own language to other people around the world. Earning money online for free while helping other people with it! What else do you want?! There are a few programs online where you can apply for free to become a teacher for a language of your choice. There are some programs which don’t require any experience in teaching. All you need is a creative mind, you are able to speak your own language in a good way and you need to be able to keep the attention of the people
you want to teach something to.

One of the programs you could try out for example is colanguage (this program does screen you on your education, pedagogical skills and teaching skills). They offer teachers for 25 different languages, so your own language is probably in there too! Within colanguage they have 4 simple steps
for you;

  1. Complete your profile – place a nice picture, give people some
    information about who you are and what you are going to teach them
  2. Do an interview
  3. Receive requests from students
  4. Arrange your Skype lessons

Pro’s for teaching online

  • People are loyal, if you are doing a good job they will probably keep coming back to you
  • You can do this from anywhere and anytime you choose, as long as you have internet
  • You can create your own
    lessons in your own way, no one is telling you how to teach (of course
    you need to be professional and people will need to learn something)
  • You already speak the language fluent, so all you have to do is speak your own language and help other people with it

Con’s for teaching online

  • You do need teaching experience
    There are lots of other teachers out there, so you will have to be unique in your style of teaching
  • Keeping the attention of the
    students is already hard in real life, you are doing it through Skype so
    you need to have enough visuals and that kind of things.
  • In the beginning it will be
    rough, you don’t have a portfolio yet, people don’t know you and you
    will need to get some recommendations

Tips for teaching online

  • Be unique in your way of teaching, think of creative stuff how you can learn the people something
  • Always be professional, act like a professional but also dress like a professional. You want to be that person they can trust.
  • Make sure the people understand what they have learned at the end of the lesson, they have to leave your lesson knowing they learned something
  • Make a consistent lesson, don’t talk about 1 thing at the beginning and about something totally different at the end.


Do you have what it takes to earn money online?!

The money is out there, now it is all up to you! Are you gonna sit on the couch and do nothing or are you going to step up you game and dedicate yourself to create your own online business?!

If you want that life of freedom and no worries about money, you will first have to put some time and work into your business. After you have done that you can enjoy your well deserved freedom!

So get started now and earn some money online!

If you have any question or suggestions about other ways to earn money online, make sure you leave a comment so we can learn from each other!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


13 thoughts on “How To Earn Money Online For Free – Top 3 List

  1. Love this article as it is so informative with a very honest approach which I really appreciate
    Thank you and I might look into the language teaching


    1. Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you liked it and think it is informative! For me the honest way is the best way, because trust is everything 🙂

      Nice to hear you want to look into the language teaching! Wish u all the best there!

      Kind regards,



  2. Hey man, me and my bro are trying to make money online but keep finding scams. I see you recommended Wealthy Affiliate and have seen so many others recommend it too. Are they really that good? Since it has the free trial I might give it a chance. Cheers for the help


    1. Hi Brandon,

      Wealthy affiliate is for me the best thing i’ve seen so far! The best part for me is the community around it, there are a lot of people trying to make money (some of them succesfull already) and some just started, but everyone on there is helping each other.

      Wealthy affiliate is no scam for sure, because you don’t even need to pay for their service, they will host 2 free websites for you and if you choose to stick with those 2 free websites then you have your free online business!

      You can check out my review about wealthy affiliate if you want to know more 🙂

      Wish u all the best!

      Kind regards,



  3. This is a very informative post! I’m trying to build my portfolio now as a freelance writer so hopefully, soon I’ll be able to work online too. Also, I had no idea about this online language school, I’ll definitely have a look at it. Thank you. 🙂


    1. Hi Kristina,

      I’m glad you liked my post! Oh that sounds good! Just keep building your portfolio and at some point you see the nice long term jobs for your freelance work!

      Yeh the online teaching is pretty cool! You can help a lot of other people and you can earn money with it, which for me is the perfect combination!

      Wish u all the best!

      Kind regards,



  4. What a fantastic article. As an online marketer/blogger I have been giving it some thought on freelancing and your very detailed suggestions on how to do it are going to help me land the right jobs. You talk about portfolios if you have a website they can see does that help? Thank you so much for this very informative article.


    1. Hi David,

      Awesome to hear you liked the article! Thanks 🙂 I’m glad my article can help you!

      A website as portfolio can help for sure! They can see your writing style and the subject which your passion is, so it definitely helps! But next to that you should have some projects in your portfolio, because they love to see ratings and reviews from other companies..

      I think; if you want you could even create a website as a portfolio about all your projects. If you make this clean and with a really easy navigation that could help a lot and might be something different than just your website about your subject. As i said there is a lot of competition, if you can stand out in any way, i say go for it!

      Wish u all the best! And if i can help some more just let me know 🙂

      Kind regards,



  5. Thanks for this informative article.
    I have tried freelancing but it was so hard to get a project to work on. I cannot say that the market is taught but there are many freelancers which offer cheap services and they take the jobs.
    I cannot comment on each and every experience, but according to my knowledge you get for what you paid.
    So, how can you still make money from freelancing? Any tips?


  6. Hi Eelco, great suggestions on this post. I knew about the first two, I am involved in Affiliate Marketing and I am proudly a part of Wealthy Affiliate, and I totally back you up with that recommendation.
    I also tried freelancing, but without much success, I haven’t been consistent so it is my fault for the most, but as you said it takes some time to build a reputation and get lost of gigs.
    As of your third recommendation is amazing, I never heard about it before, and I will definitely give it a try. My mother language is Spanish.
    Thank you for a very detailed article and great resources.


    1. Hi Pablo,

      Cheers for the recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate, always good to hear other experiences! The freelancing indeed will take some time before you can earn anything with it, it can be hard because there are a lot of people doing it!

      Teaching a language is one of my favorites because you really can help a lot if people with it! Oh nice, you could help me, because i’m learning spanish at the moment haha.

      No problem at all! Wish u all the best,

      Kind regards,



  7. I think these are all great ways to make money online, depending on someone’s preferences. I am personally in affiliate marketing and would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to start and grow their online business. Cheers!


    1. Hi Blanka,

      Thanks for you Wealthy Affiliate recommendation! Always good to see other people’s experience too!

      Wish u all the best!

      Kind regards,



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