How To Start With A Website – A Step By Step Guide

You have the basics for your website ready, it is up and running, you took a look at the design and you have a plan for the navigation. Now it is time to start planning something for the long term.

– How do you start with a website?

– Where do you start with a website?

Write content, try to sell things straight away to people, get a mailing list or shouldn’t I?

So how to start with a website you ask?

Start with a website
Follow the easy steps and go!


Know the essentials before your start with the five steps

Before we start with a website we need to have and know about something else first. The first thing is you need your own website already, if you don’t have this check my post on how to create one in 30 seconds. The second thing I want you to know is how to start your own online business. If you know this already your can continue to read in this post, I always say the more information you have the bigger the chance your succeed!

In this article about how to start with a website I have 5 steps for you which I will explain. Those 5 steps should give you a nice start with your website and can keep you going for a while!


Step 1: know your audience

Who is your audience?
Who are they?!

Alright so the first step to start with a website is knowing who your audience is. this is important because you need to know what you have to write about, how you have to write it and which social medium your should focus on. The first question is, how do I target the right audience?

The answer to the question is simple; research. You have found your passion which you want to share with other people, now you got to do research.

  1. Who is buying the products you want to sell?
  2. How do they buy it?
  3. How do they find the products?

To answer the question of who is buying the products you will have to check product reviews, social media posts, other websites, etc. Who is writing the product reviews, who is liking the messages on social media, who is writing comments on other websites. Everything you see about the product you want to promote or sell you have to know who wants to buy it. If you know who wants to buy it, all you got to do is find out through what way they buy it and off you go. Promote, promote, promote.

The second question; “how do they buy it”. You will have to find out if the people buy the products mostly online or in a physical store, you want to know on which website they buy the most, how long they wait till the products arrives if it has to be shipped. The more you know about your customers the better you can target your promotions and content.

The last question for knowing your audience is “how do they find the products?”. What social media are they active on, which websites do they visit, how much do they comment on products, do they write a review, do they watch video’s or only read things. As I said above the more you know, the better you can target them and the more potential your website has to get them to buy something.


Step 2: set a goal your want to reach with your website

what are your goals?!

This is a pretty important step because this step will be your motivation and it is going to be the reason why you build this website. It is a pretty easy step, but you have to do it.

We are going to set a goal for yourself by asking two questions;

  1. Why did you start this website? is it because you want to earn money or is it because you want to help people? Or maybe is it both?
  2. How much money do you want to earn with this website or how do you want to help the people?

For example, your goal could be;

I want to earn €60.000 a year, this means €5000,- each month which means, €1,250 each week and that comes down to €178,58 each day.

I want to help people to create a passive income so they can live the life they want without having to worry about money.

Goals are set, now your know what you are going to be working for. Now and then you need to look back at these goals and check if you are still on the right track achieving them!


Step 3: Set your goals for the next month and repeat this every month

Write down goals you want to reach!

We just made goals for the long term, now we have to make some goals for the short them so we can reach our long terms goals. We are going to set a monthly goal and we will make new ones every month.

The monthly goals can be and should be about everything from social media goals, to writing content, to earning money. Goals for your first month could be something like this;

  1. I want to create a minimum of three posts each week – this means 12 posts in a month
  2. I want to create at least 3 social media accounts (based on your research of course)
  3. I want to make a post on Facebook for a minimum of three times each week – this means 12 posts in a month
  4. I want to reach 10 followers on Facebook this month
  5. I want 100 visitors to my website this month – This comes down to around 3 visitors each day
  6. I want my first sale to happen in the second month my website is online

Your goals can be anything you want to achieve that month, make the goals not too easy but also not impossible. You will have to motivate yourself to reach your goals, but you don’t want to demotivate yourself if you are not reaching any of your goals. You don’t have to reach your goals every time, but you do need to give it your best!


Step 4: Make a planning for your content and tasks

Do what matters to you!

Alright so by now you know your audience, you know what you want to achieve with your website, you have some goals for the upcoming month, so there are two things left to do now. First we need to make a planning so we got it clear how we are going to reach our goals. The planning can be really simple, you can just write something down in agenda, you could make a checklist every week or you can have something on your PC to remind you.

It could look something like this;

  • Monday; Create an article about “what is passive income”
  • Tuesday: Create social media accounts and post my first article. Also create a google analytics account to track my visitors.
  • Wednesday: Create an article about “finding your passion to write about”
  • Thursday: Create a post for social media and post the article
  • Friday: Create an article about “How to create passive income”
  • Saturday: Create a post for social media and post the article
  • Sunday: Read back my articles and change where I feel I should change

That could be a planning for 1 week. But I think you get the point here, as you can see I’m keeping
track of my monthly goals and I adjust my planning to reach my monthly goals.


Step 5 Start, learn and adapt

It probably won’t go the way you planned everything and if it does go that way than you are not
really doing something with your creative mind. You have to try things and see what works and what doesn’t. So in the basics your will follow your planning, but the execution of it will be different and yes you do need a planning because it is a guideline.

Just get started, because every day you won’t start is a day you are missing out on possible visitors.

Succes, go get it!
You got this!

A bonus step special for you!

Keep reflecting on every step, are the things your do still right for the audience you want, are your goals still good and are you working towards them or are you going the wrong direction. As I said before, learn and adapt from everything you do!

Thanks for reading and hope this article helped you! If you have any questions or suggestions leave
me a comment and I will be glad to help you!

Check out my other posts too if you want to know how to earn money online, how to create a website in 30 seconds, how to start your own online business and a place where your can host your website!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


2 thoughts on “How To Start With A Website – A Step By Step Guide

  1. Thanks Eelco for this post.

    You are so right to put getting to know your audience as the very first step. In fact, in starting a business in general, whether it’s online or offline, getting to know you customer / audience is the most important thing you can do for the success for you business. Because when you are writing content, if you do not know who you are writing to, you might as well be writing to a frog. By getting to know you audience, you learn what their needs are and avoid wasting time writing things that won;t interest them. In addition, you learn how to speak in their ‘language’ rather than speaking to them in your way or in a way that they don’t understand.

    Thnaks for a great post




    1. Cheers for the comment Kevon! Thanks for your insight about getting to know the audience!

      It is true, your audience is so important, because after all they are the ones you want to help and they are the ones that you want to buy something from you. If you don’t know who you are talking to it is hard to help them and even harder to let them buy something!

      Wish u all the best,

      Kind regards,



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