Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 20-08-2018

Hi everyone! We are back with some new Free Goods from creative market! This week the free goods from creative market are 1 font, 3 graphics, 1 template and 1 add-onn! So make sure you download the free goods before they are not free anymore! If you want to see the free goods every week all you got to do is sign up for FREE at creative market.

Write something beautiful

Font 1: Striped King vintage script

 Give your text that modern stylish look, can be used for anything. From brands, to logo’s, to wedding invitations, social media and many more! To me it also looks a bit to use in a country style of way.


Use the best graphics to make something look better

Graphic 1: Character Maker 1.0

With this graphic it is possible to design your own character! It comes with over 2000 combinations so I’m sure there is something there for your liking too!


Graphic 2: Abstract handcrafted patterns

Looking for some cool handcrafted patterns? You can use the patterns for almost anything, clothing, books, presents, cards and many more.


Graphic 3: Pink Crisp

Amazing quality, hand made watercolor illustration! This would be perfect for invitation cards, business card or just to cheer a place up 🙂


It is never been more easy to create a PowerPoint

Template 1: Magnolia vertical PowerPoint

An elegant and fashionable power point presentation! Looks really professional, if your business has a “soft” character this is perfect for you.


Give your text that extra touch

Add-onn 1: Neon text layer Styles and Extra

Give your text just that extra touch to stand out in the crowd. Use this cool neon add-on to lay over your text and make it look shiny!


See you next week!

And we covered the 6 FREE GOODS from this week already! Don’t forget to download them before it is too late! You don’t want to end up paying for something which you could have gotten for free 🙂

Next week Monday we will be back with some more FREE GOODS from creative market! Don’t want to miss anything from them? All you got to do is sign up for free at creative market! Do you want to know more about creative market first, then you can read my review about them! If you want to see the fonts already you can check out my YouTube video.

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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