Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 27-08-2018

Hi all and welcome back to my website! I’ve got some new FREE GOODS from creative market for you! This week will be about 2 fonts, 2 graphics, 1 photo bundle and an add-on! So make sure you download them when they are free and if you don’t want to miss out on creative market anymore you can sign up there for free!


Look at those nice fonts

Font 1: Farewell Angelina

This elegant font has a bit of a feminine style, it is perfect for magazine layouts, logo’s social media or branding in general!


Font 2: Hermes

As they say it; Powerful, futuristic and sharp! It is an amazing font for the gaming side of business, has that retro look and is kind of appealing!


Amazing graphics to shine

Graphic 1: 24 seamless vector textures

 Some cool seamless vector textures! It has dots, cracks, halftone and dust for you!


Graphic 2: Wild flowers watercolor set

 The romance is still there guys! This amazing set of wild flowers in watercolor is amazing for those romantic vibes, so use them wisely 🙂


The social media Photos

Photo 1: Fall moody stock photo bundle

 Photos that remind you of the fall! This bundle has pumpkins, fresh greenery and wood accents for you! So can these photos help your brand? Don’t wait to use them!


Last but not the least

Add-on 1: Procreate stamp shapes

 This is perfect for the people who want to make things their self, use these stamps to upgrade your own illustrations and make them even better!


See you next week again!

Thanks for reading this week again! Hope there were some designs you liked! Just make sure you download the free goods this week while they are free, you don’t want to end up paying for them right?! Not sure what creative market is, check my review about them and after that you can sign up so you don’t miss out anymore!

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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