Keysearch Keyword Tool Review – Is It Real Or Fake?


Having a good keyword tool is what is going to give you an advantage over your competition!

In this keysearch keyword tool review I will talk about the keyword tool Keysearch. I will tell you what it is, what it does, how they work and what their pro’s and cons are! I will give you my honest opinion about keysearch.

Keysearch; a keyword tool created to help people and businesses to get the most out of their internet presence. Their goal is to make a top of the line suite of SEO tools for everyone at an affordable price. For example the keyword tool will show average searches, possible traffic, domains and the competition.

In short if you want to get that head start from your competition you should keep on reading this review about keysearch.

Keysearch – overview and ranking


Name: Keysearch


Price: free trial (1 month), $17 /month (Starter), $34 /month (Pro)

Support: 8 / 10

Tools: 8,5 / 10 overall rating: 8,2

Keysearch – Pros and Cons


  • Has a month free trial
  • No software or installation needed
  • You can use it everywhere as long as you have internet
  • Everyone can use it, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert
  • Accurate data
  • Quite a lot of tools to use
  • It is not that expensive


  • The month trial only gives you 3 searches a day
  • You can’t really experience the use of the keyword tool with just the free trial
  • The information can be hard to read, there is not a lot of explanation about what the numbers mean

Keysearch – For who

Keysearch the keyword tool is for everyone who is building something in the online world. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert, as long as you are online.

You can use the keyword tool as a blogger, vlogger, affiliate marketeer, as an SEO company or if you just want to see the competition in your niche it really doesn’t matter.

Keysearch – Free and payed services

Keysearch is offering you 3 kinds op options, free trial, starter and pro. The biggest difference between these packages is the amount of searches you get and the amount of tools.

Free trial for 1 month

You will get 3 searches each day but the tools you can use are limited. You will just get results for the keyword search, domains, competition and you could check the competition on YouTube.

Starter: $17 /month

  • 200 daily search analysis
  • 20 daily super searches
  • 80 Rank tracker words
  • competitive analyses acces
  • Domain, YouTube, competition check

Pro: $34 /month

  • 500 daily searches
  • 50 daily super searches
  • 200 rank tracker words
  • competitive analyses acces
  • Domain, YouTube, competition check

Keysearch – Support

Keysearch is offering support in three sorts of ways. They have the regular search for an answer; the FAQ. The second options they have for you are tutorial videos where they will explain their keyword tool or other things. So if you don’t understand something you can check those two things first and after that you should be able to understand the keyword tool.

If that didn’t work they are offering a third way, you can make a ticket with your question and you can send it directly to their support team. This way you will get a specific answer to your question.

Keysearch – All the tools they are offering

Alright so in the beginning I said keysearch had quite a lot of tools for you to use, in this section I’m going to show you some tools. I will explain those tools with some pictures so you can see what I mean.

First I will give you an example of a normal keyword search. For this keyword search I will use something which is barely used, what should result in good keywords. I will go with the niche “football drinking helmet”.

As you can see, I typed in my keyword phrase and the results from above is what I got. Now all I have to do is check which keyword is the best for me. Keysearch is showing me the following things;

  • Keyword results and other similar keywords
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Competiting websites (the first page of google)
  • Amount of people searching for this keyword (volume)
  • Amount of people paying to get this keyword on the first page (CPC)
  • Amount of people getting paid to show this keyword on their website (PPC)
  • If it is a high competition keyword (score, the lower the better)

Other features keysearch is offering;

Save keyword lists; This is pretty nice because this tool is going to save you a ton of time. Whenever you decide to write content for a specific keyword you can do a big search for phrases around this keyword, which works best and which doesn’t. You can save all those keywords to a list and the next time you want to write something about that keyword again, you can just check the list what you need.

Brainstorm; This tool is perfect for whenever you have no inspiration, no ideas or just want something different for once. With the brainstorm you can check what is popular these days, they will give you a lot of options so you can choose what you want to write about.

Domain explorer; If you are starting your own website within a niche it is always smart to check which domains are available, this is because with a domain your site will get ranked better. The Domain explorer does exactly that, they show you if and which domains are still available.

Competitive analyzer; This tool is going to help you decide whether you should try to rank for this keyword or you shouldn’t even try it. It will show you the competition ahead, how many back links there are to their sites, how many links in general, which place they are etc. When the competition is too big you can choose for a smaller keyword to get some traffic instead of go for the big keyword and get no traffic. This is of course up to you.

YouTube research; This is a bit like the competitive analyzer, but then for YouTube. It will show you the amount of video links and the competition behind it.

Rank tracking; This tool will help you track your rankings, if you wrote some content about a specific keyword you can track its rank with this tool. This way you can check if your content is doing well, if you need to improve something or if you should promote it more often because it is good content.

Keysearch – Get a bonus

My guess is after all this reading you might want to check keysearch out for yourself. You can do this at their website, just sign up for the free trial and experience it for yourself!

Now I’ve got something nice for you, as mentioned in the heading here. I’ve got a nice bonus offer for you, I can give you a 20% discount on the membership! All I’m asking for this is that you share this page on Facebook and tag @mywebsiteacademy, when you have done that I can give you the code for the discount!

You just want to get started? That is alright too, just sign up here and get that head start on your competition!

Have fun searching the keywords!

After all searching for keywords has to be easy and something we don’t mind doing, since we have to do it a lot for good content anyways!

Thanks for reading my review about the keyword tool keysearch! Hope it was useful for you! If you want to see more keyword tools you can check my top 10 keyword tool comparison!

If you have any comments or suggestions just leave it below and I will be glad to answer it!

Wish u all the best,

Kind Regards,


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