Creative Market – Free Goods – Week Of 03-09-2018

Hi all! Welcome back to a new week with new FREE GOODS from creative market! This week we’ve got a few funny but yet amazing designs! The free goods are 2 fonts, 2 graphics, 1 Add-on and a cool template! If you don’t want to miss out on any free goods anymore all you have to do is sign up for free at creative market!


New typing style

Font 1: Aescudos

A natural handwritten kind of font! Looks amazing for logo’s, invitations, headlines, greeting cards and many other things!


Font 2: Moonshot

Are you that expressive kind of person? Then moonshot is the perfect font for you! It comes in multiple styles and even has some funny emoticons for you!


Changing the graphics

Graphic 1: Collection of cartoon horses

 Who doesn’t want to have this?! It is a funny collection of cartoon horses, download them, place them on a t shirt and you will steal the show!


Graphic 2: Vector animals

 Some nice digital animals, perfect for when you have little children or you business is focused on the little children. You can place the vectors on onesies, t shirts, mugs, flyers and many more!


Brush it like you never did before

Add-on 1: Textured calligraphy brushes

 If you want some truly amazing and unique work, this is just the perfect add-on for you!


An amazing PowerPoint, just for you

Template 1: Voodoo PowerPoint template

 Powerful and professional PowerPoint template and it has never been easier to make one!


See you next week!

Hope you liked the free goods from this week! If not, there is going to be a new chance for you next week 🙂 Make sure you download the free goods while they are free, if you download them after this week you will need to pay for it. Don’t want to miss out on the free goods anymore, just sign up for free at creative market. First want to know more about creative market? You can read my review here.

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind.

Kind Regards,


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