Using Social Media – Promote Your Business

There is only one way you will ever make sales with your online business and there is only one way for you to be able to become a brand. That one way is with visitors, if you have no visitors no one will know about your online business and no one will buy something from you. What I recommend for you is to use social media to become that brand you want to be and to make those sales you want to make!

Social Media
Like me, like me!


Why should you be using social media?

There are multiple reasons why you should use social for your online business, I will give you a list in a second. But I just want to say this, the main reason why you should use social media is because you want to promote your business, become a brand which people will remember.

Why you should be using social media;

  1. To promote your brand
  2. To show people what you are writing
  3. To get better rankings withing the search engines
  4. To get more visitors to your website
  5. To earn revenue on others places than your website

Keep in mind; the main reason to use social media is really so people get to know your business, people have to see your business and since there are so many people on social media that is the right way to show your business.


Which social media platforms are there?

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. Everyone knows the biggest ones like; Facebook, twitter, Instagram and just with these you have a market from over millions of people. Next to that you also have the platforms like

  • Pinterest; Digital bulletin boards where you can pin your content. It has a pretty big reach and it is still growing. You can place all sorts of images here about your content and you can “pin” your images on your website.
  • Linked-in; Social media site for professional networking. It is a great for people who are looking to connect with people in similar industries. It is perfect for building a network with professionals and you can share your success there.
  • Snapchat; Image message application. Perfect if you have things like events and want to share every second of the day with your friends.
  • Tumblr; This is a microbloggin platform. You can show your own short posts, videos, images, audio or chats.
  • Google plus; A social network to post all your articles, blogs or whatever you like. This is one really useful for your ranking within the search engine.
  • Reddit; Social news and entertaining network. You can submit content here and based on voting if will show on the top of the page.
  • YouTube; video based social media website. You can upload small movies here and people can like your video or subscribe to your channel.
  • flickr; Online image and video hosting platform. This one is popular for people who love to share their pictures.


Which social media platform should I be using?

Which social media platform you should use is all up to you! Everyone of them is good as long as you get some followers on it! I suggest you start with at least three or four different social media accounts, you can do more if you want to. But you have to keep track of all of them too!

My suggestion would be google plus (this is for better rankings because it’s a platform from google itself), Facebook because this is still something with a lot of people on it, pinterest or Instagram (depends on your business, these platforms are really growing hard) and of course YouTube, simply because videos are an awesome way of getting ranked on the search engines.

Sociale Media
Whatever fits your brand

Having your own brand is the most important thing

Visitors will remember your brand and they will talk about your brand if you manage to deliver quality to them. So get started, create your own social media accounts and start building a brand.

Have fun with it and if you have any suggestions or questions, just leave a comment behind

Wish u all the best,

Kind Regards,


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