Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 10-09-2018

Hi there and welcome back to this week FREE GOODS from creative market. The designers did their best again and they came up with 2 fonts, 2 graphics, 1 add-on and a social media template! It is completely free this week so you can just download them and see if you like them! If you want to see more from creative market you can sign up for free there!


First up, the amazing fonts

Font 1: Sailors diary tattoo

Hand drawn old school font. Perfect to use for banners, scroll and posters! You need something like photoshop to open the fonts though.


Font 2: Soltz vintage

 A vintage layered typeface kind of font. Inspired by the hand painted signs in the Atlantic City. You can use if for anything from logo’s to t-shirts to business cards and more.


Today is all about watercolor and patterns

Graphic 1: Hand drawn watercolor set

 This is another amazing hand drawn watercolor set with flowers, birds, backgrounds and more! It is al prepared in PSD files.


Graphic 2: 50 Seamless vector patterns

 Inky vector patterns, comes with stripes, dots, lines spots and inky textures and more. Mix them or match to your own feeling and create something amazing.


Painting with pen

Add-on 1: Paint pens for procreate

 8 cool paint pen brushes for procreate. Create that amazing texture in your images and illustrations!


Artistic Instagram story’s

Template 1: Instagram stories pack

 Fully editable Instagram stories, make you life a lot easier by using these templates and adjust them to your own liking!


See you next week!

I hope you liked the free designs from this week! Next week we will be back with 6 new free goods from creative market! If you want to know more about creative market you can read my review here. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the free goods you can sign up for free at creative market!

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in a comment.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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