Facebook Beginner Guide – The Small Steps Towards Succes

Creating your brand is one of the most important things you need to do when you are building a business. A brand is the one thing people will remember you by and if people remember you they will come back. To create a brand you need to promote yourself and you need to be visible for people. In order to do this I wrote the Facebook beginner guide, just for you. In this beginner guide I will explain step by step how you can start with Facebook.

Facebook Guide
Creating a brand

The Facebook beginner guide

within this guide I will really go back to the basics of setting up an account. Taking the first steps towards your own business page. I won’t be talking about how to create posts or ads and all that kind of stuff yet. We will be talking about setting up your account in a way people will love it and how you do this.

We will begin with simple steps to create a business page. You can do this in two ways, but today we will cover just one way.

The first way is going to be through your own active Facebook page. The reason I say your own active Facebook page is because if you create a new Facebook page, Facebook will block your account because they don’t want people to be on Facebook just for the business side. So go to your own Facebook page, and look at the top. You will see your own name, start page and create.

Click on the button create and then the first button “page”. This will bring you to a next page where you have to click on “business and brand“. Once you click that one you will have to fill in the name of your page, which category it belongs to and the rest of the details regarding yourself or your business. Once you have done that you will have to set your pictures for your page and after that you will have your page up and running already.

The second way which I will cover another time is going to be through the business part of Facebook.


Setting up your profile

By now you should have gotten your own Facebook business page up and running. You already filled in the name of your page and the details regarding yourself. What we are going to talk about next are the little things you have to do to make your Facebook page appealing to your visitors.

Profile picture and cover photo:
Your profile picture is something which your visitors will remember you by, so make sure it is something appealing. Could be something like your logo for example.

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Your cover photo is something you can use to get people to take action. You can use it to advertise your products or you could use it to show your products. Create some curiosity for the people.

Facebook Background
Something like this 🙂

The name of your business:

Your name has to be the name of your business, you don’t want people to remember a name that has nothing to do with your business so make it clear that this is your business.


Information about your business:

Create a general description about your business, let people know who you are as a business and what they will find on your page. Let them know how you are going to help them to become better at something or whatever it is that you are doing.

Last but not least, fill in the information about your business, what is your website, how can people reach you, where can they find more information, all that kind of stuff.


Time to start posting content which people can share and like

As I said in the beginning this will really be a basic guide, soon I will give you other guides that will be a bit deeper about advertising, posting, getting people to like your page and all that sort of stuff!

For now, if you have any questions or suggestions just let me know in a comment! Have fun creating your first business page and keep me up to date with it!

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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