How To Stay Motivated For Work – Simple Tips

How bad you want it?

Can you always stay motivated or is there going to be a point where you just don’t want to do the work anymore and just chill and do nothing? I think every one is going to reach that point where they don’t have the motivation to do the work anymore, for some it will be faster than others, for some it will be more than once, but you just have to make sure you get yourself back on track if you reach that point. So the question “how to stay motivated for your work” doesn’t have a direct answer because as I said, everyone is going to reach that point someday. The second question is “how to get yourself motivated AGAIN for work”.

Motivation in multiple ways

Does motivation only help you when you reached the point where you aren’t motivated anymore or can you motivate yourself every day to make sure you delay that point as much as you can? The second option is the best option for me, because if you are motivated you will do better work too!

Motivation can come from so many things, a simple piece of paper where you wrote your goals down, your first sale, your first visitor, your family supporting you, you name it and it can be a motivation for you. Motivation can come from outside (extrinsic) and from yourself (intrinsic). The more you want something the more motivated you will be, so make sure you heart is in that what you want to do.

Do what matters to you!

Simple things to keep yourself motivated

Of course you don’t want to read a lot of text but you probably just want the things you can do to keep yourself motivated or motivated again. So I will just give you a list of things which work for me.

  • Find something your a passionate about, if you do what you love or write about it, your motivation will be so much higher already.
    Goals are there to celebrate
    • Make long term goals. With this you will have something to work for.
    • Make short term goals. Find a balance in how hard they should be, you want to reach them, but you also got to do something for it.
    • Celebrate every time you reach your goals, else your goals aren’t going to mean anything to you.
    • Share your success with other people and let their comments motivate you too.
  • Make a planning of what you should do to reach your goals, adjust this planning every time because you probably won’t stick to it.
    Make a planning to keep working
    • Make a list of things you want to write content about, if you are in a “moment of flow” keep writing because this can help when you have a day with no inspiration.
    • Read a lot of books about the subject, get yourself educated, the more you know the better you can perform.
  • Talk with a lot of other successful people, hear their stories, learn from their mistakes, let their success be your motivation.
    • Talk a lot with people who didn’t have success, learn from their mistakes also, don’t make the same ones they made.
  • Take a break every once in a while, because sometimes because you are too close to something you will miss the things
    Learn from others

    you need to see. Once you take a break and look at it from a different way, you might see things you missed before.

    • If you are doing something for a while take a look back at what you achieved already, where you started and where you are now.
    • If you don’t like something, change it. Sometimes change can be really good and give you new motivation because it looks more professional or it fits better with what you had in mind.
  • Write a message on a piece of paper and pin it on the wall in front of you, if you look at this message every day your mind will get used to it and your mindset will adjust. For example; “I want to be financially independent”, if you say this enough to yourself, day by day your mind is going to adjust to this message and try to find ways to become it.

This list will grow and every time I think of something that could motivate you I will add it to the list here.


The only way ahead is to get started

Always follow your passion!

The road you are going to walk isn’t going to be without mistakes, if you don’t make any mistakes you are not taking any chances and you won’t grow. Make mistakes, learn from them and adapt to make them better. Mistakes can also be a motivation to not make the same mistakes again 🙂

I wish u all the best in your adventure! If you have any questions, suggestions or that special thing that always motivates you, make sure to let us know in a comment.

Kind regards,


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