What Is A Pinterest Pin – Get To Know Pinterest

What do you prefer, looking at a long text with a lot of information or looking at a picture and find the information right there? My guess is that your answer will be; looking at a picture, at least that is what I prefer. These days everything has to go fast, people don’t want to read long texts with a lot of information, they want things straight to the point without all the things around it. So let’s get started, in this article you will get to know pinterest.

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Sharing what we love

5 things we will talk about today;

What is pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform for everyone where you can share content through images. You can pin your content or content from other people and in that way you share what you like with other people. This can be about anything you like, from designs to building things for your house. There are all kinds of subjects which you can check out and in that way you will just get the things you specific liked on your feed.

Pinterest can be used in two ways. You can use in for personal stuff of you can create a business account and promote your brand. But for both goes the same thing, it is all about posting images, pinning them and sharing it with other people. The biggest difference is, with the business account you get to see how many visitors you have and how more specific details on your pins.

Basic of pinterest


What is a pinterest pin

So what is a pinterest pin? It is a pretty simple answer, a pin is basically an image which you save on your own account. For example creative market is working with pinterest on their website. When you go to their website and you scroll over an image you get to see “pin it”. If you click this it will open the pinterest website and you can save that image on your account so you can share it with your followers. So it is a really easy way to share an image on your pinterest account.

Pinterest Pin
Pin it to show it!

Next to “pinning” images you can also create your own pin. As you can see in the picture I already have a lot of pins on my account, but you can click the red round with the + sign in it and there you can create your own pin. You can upload any image you like, add a title (or your website) and description and it will save your pin in your account. For each pin you can make pinterest boards.

Creating your own pin
Create it and show it!


What is a pinterest board

Pinterest is trying to make the “pinning” as easy as possible for everyone, so they also created something called “boards”. This is really just different categories for all your pins (images), so it makes it really easy for you to organize your account the way you want to. It also makes it really easy for your followers to find the pins they like, which means they can share the pins from your account way easier on their account.

Pinterest Board
A board full of Pins


How do I pin something for pinterest

To pin something on your account or within your boards there are 3 simple ways.

The first way: you click the button on the upper right side (red round with a +), if you have done that you click on create pin. After that you add an image, fill in the title or your website and add a description, click on ready and you can save it on one of your boards.

Creating your own pin
Create it and show it!

Second way, basically the same as the first way only you have to go to a different page. Click on your own name, after that go to pins, look to the left side and click on the red round with a + again. After you have done that fill in the details and you are done.

Adding a Pin
Add it with the red button

Last way is what I described above already, if you are on a website which is showing in the image “pin it”. You can click it, fill in the details and save it in your account. You can also do this on pinterest, you can save pins from other people their account and save it on your account.

Pinterest Pin
Pin it to show it!

How do I create a pinterest board

To create a board on pinterest there is only one way and it works the same as creating a pin. Click on your own name, so you are on your profile, click on boards and once you have done that you will see on the left side the box with the red round and the + sign again. Click on it, add a name for your board and click on ready.

Pinterest Board
A board full of Pins

Now you have a specific board for your pins. You can create as many as you like, just make sure you actually fill the boards and not have a board for just 1 pin.


Pin and be inspired

If you want to get the most out of pinterest make sure you pin daily and also follow a lot of other people. This way you get to see a lot of people and their interest. You can pin about anything you like, but organize it well so it won’t be hard for people to find your pins.

Hope this was useful for you, if you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind.

Wish u all the best,

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