Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 01-10-2018

Hi all and welcome back to a new week with new FREE GOODS from creative market! This week creative market is offering 2 fonts, 3 graphics and 1 add-on! And I think they look pretty nice! If you don’t want to miss out on any free goods from creative market, all you have to do is sign up for free!



Amazing fonts this week

Font 1: Subversia

This font was inspired by sport and Victorian style! It is amazing for things like posters and flyers but also looks really good on t-shirts or as logo’s!

Font 2: Aisling

Beautiful font with a bit of an Irish character, looks amazing and hand drawn! Perfect for those deep and inspirational quotes!


The graphics from this week

Graphic 1: Handdrawn patterns

Handcrafted patterns with a simple yet interesting profile. It is cute and easy and almost looks effortless! You can use it for anything you like.

Graphic 2: Handdrawn leaves

If you are looking for autumn, you just found it! Handdrawn leaves from different trees, it has posters and patterns special for you!

Graphic 3: Sookiliny floral set

Floral for those who love it! Flowers, leaves and bouquets all in different colors and different shapes.


The add-on from this week

Add-on 1: 12 Lettering brushes

Brushes created special for lettering, printed and digital! Unique brushes, but you do need something like procreate for this!


See you next week!

Pretty nice designs this week right? Hope you liked them too! Next week we will be back with 6 new free goods from creative market. If you want to know more about creative market you can read my review. If you don’t want to miss any free goods from creative market you can sign up for free!

If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave a comment behind.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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