How to find a good keyword for your website? The only good way!

Do you ever have that feeling where you are searching and searching on google, but you just can’t find a good keyword for you website or you don’t know what to look for? Or you think you found a good keyword, but it doesn’t rank well in the search engines? Well let me help youContinue reading “How to find a good keyword for your website? The only good way!”

Jaaxy – The only thing you really need to succeed – Review

If you don’t know what jaaxy is yet, then you are 3 steps behind your opponent in the online business! In this review I will be talking about Jaaxy the keyword tool. I will tell u what it is, what it does, how it works and what their pros and cons are! If you areContinue reading “Jaaxy – The only thing you really need to succeed – Review”

Creative Market – Free goods – Week of 02-07-2018

Hi there! Here we are again with the creative market FREE GOODS of this week! I will be talking about 6 products which stay free for just this week. After this week you can still get them, but then you will have to pay for it. If you want to see the free goods everyContinue reading “Creative Market – Free goods – Week of 02-07-2018”

Improve SEO on wordpress – A quick and easy way

Waiting, waiting and waiting….. Writing a lot of content, focusing on all the good keywords but still the big search engines like google, bing and yahoo won’t see or rate your content. What can you do more now? There is another thing where you can focus on, this is search engine optimization (SEO). Never heardContinue reading “Improve SEO on wordpress – A quick and easy way”

What is a good keyword? – Be the number 1 post on the first page!

YES, you wrote your post! Straight away, your post is the number 1 post on the first page of google! If someone searches for anything, WHAM, there is your post! Just kidding, you probably wrote your post, have been waiting for over 2 weeks and it just got noticed by google, didn’t even make itContinue reading “What is a good keyword? – Be the number 1 post on the first page!”

What is a plugin on wordpress? – Learn how to use it

The world of building a website has a lot of terms you probably don’t understand when you see them for the first time. Plugins might be one of those words, but this is a word you will see and use a lot on your wordpress website! Once you know what those words mean and whatContinue reading “What is a plugin on wordpress? – Learn how to use it”

Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 26-06-2018

Hi there! We have got some nice new Free Goods from creative market which I will be talking about! These 6 products stay free for one week! After the week you will have to buy them if you still want them. Don’t forget to sign up for free at creative market, so you don’t missContinue reading “Creative Market – Free Goods – Week of 26-06-2018”

What is a widget for on wordpress?

Do you also have that feeling, that sometimes you are just wondering off and thinking about all the amazing and beautiful widgets you want to use? You just want to be in the world were only the widgets exist? No man, just kidding, You probably don’t even know what a widget is or where youContinue reading “What is a widget for on wordpress?”

What is a niche market product?!

WHY WOULD YOU COMPETE WITH THE BIGGEST COMPANYS IF YOU COULD ALSO COMPETE WITH SOMETIMES JUST YOURSELF!? Are you curious what i mean? The biggest products always have a niche and sometimes those niches also have a niche. Why would you try to compete with 100 people if you could also choose to compete withContinue reading “What is a niche market product?!”

The finishing touch on how to create a good website!

By now you have come to the point where you have your website up and running, picked your design colors, you know what you have to do and want to start writing your content right?! If this is not the case, then i suggest you first read the blog on how to create a websiteContinue reading “The finishing touch on how to create a good website!”