Creative market – Free Goods – Week of 18-06-2018

Hi there! Today we will be talking about this week Free Goods coming from creative market! Make sure you check them out and download them, it’s all free, no catches so you have nothing to lose! Signing up at creative market is also free, so you can always check out the free goods yourself, justContinue reading “Creative market – Free Goods – Week of 18-06-2018”

What is creative market? – Review

In this review I will be giving you my honest opinion about creative market, what it is, what they do, but also what they don’t do for you. If you are looking for new and creative theme’s, fonts or for example pictures, then creative market is a place you should definitely should check out. BeforeContinue reading “What is creative market? – Review”

How can i make my website faster

The world is moving faster and faster, earth is spinning like crazy and if you don’t watch what is going on in front u you, then you missed it already, twice! You don’t think this is true? I bet you do this yourself too; you check something in google, it doesn’t load faster than 5Continue reading “How can i make my website faster”

The best colors for a website

Learn how to use colors for the best of your website, learn what a different color can trigger in a person. Are you getting exited already? Have you ever heard that the color blue is the most loved color by both man and woman? Do you know the difference between a green color and anContinue reading “The best colors for a website”

How to design a website for a business?

A GOOD business website is a website where people don’t run away after 3 seconds because it is too colorful, because it is hard to find things or because it just look plain ugly. Can you already say you have a good business website? The answer is NO, else you wouldn’t be here reading myContinue reading “How to design a website for a business?”

Learn how to build your online website for free!

Build your own website for free! Are you looking to learn how to build your own website? If the answer is yes, than stop looking any further, you found the best opportunity. Do you want to build your own online business, do you just want to create a website for fun, or are you lookingContinue reading “Learn how to build your online website for free!”

Wealthy Affiliate review – Is it a free or a paid service and does it work?

In this post I will be giving you my honest review about Wealthy Affiliate (WA), what the platform does and what it can do for you! But also what it doesn’t do for you. Whether you are just starting with the online world, or if you already are an entrepreneur, there is always more knowledgeContinue reading “Wealthy Affiliate review – Is it a free or a paid service and does it work?”