How To Stay Motivated For Work – Simple Tips

Can you always stay motivated or is there going to be a point where you just don’t want to do the work anymore and just chill and do nothing? I think every one is going to reach that point where they don’t have the motivation to do the work anymore, for some it will beContinue reading “How To Stay Motivated For Work – Simple Tips”

What Is A Pinterest Pin – Get To Know Pinterest

What do you prefer, looking at a long text with a lot of information or looking at a picture and find the information right there? My guess is that your answer will be; looking at a picture, at least that is what I prefer. These days everything has to go fast, people don’t want toContinue reading “What Is A Pinterest Pin – Get To Know Pinterest”

Facebook Beginner Guide – The Small Steps Towards Succes

Creating your brand is one of the most important things you need to do when you are building a business. A brand is the one thing people will remember you by and if people remember you they will come back. To create a brand you need to promote yourself and you need to be visibleContinue reading “Facebook Beginner Guide – The Small Steps Towards Succes”

What Is Google Adsense – Worth it or not?

How does it sound when you get payed just by showing ads from other people on your website? Every person that clicks on an ad is going to make you some money. When you are sleeping you will get money because you have an ad running on your website. Sounds good right? What is googleContinue reading “What Is Google Adsense – Worth it or not?”

Using Social Media – Promote Your Business

There is only one way you will ever make sales with your online business and there is only one way for you to be able to become a brand. That one way is with visitors, if you have no visitors no one will know about your online business and no one will buy something fromContinue reading “Using Social Media – Promote Your Business”

How To Start With A Website – A Step By Step Guide

You have the basics for your website ready, it is up and running, you took a look at the design and you have a plan for the navigation. Now it is time to start planning something for the long term. – How do you start with a website? – Where do you start with aContinue reading “How To Start With A Website – A Step By Step Guide”

Keyword Tool Suggestion – Top 10 Comparison

You are looking for the perfect keyword, you want your post to be on the first page of google but you have no idea which keyword tool is going to help you find those perfect keywords! Google had a lot of keyword tool suggestions for you, but you still don’t know which one is theContinue reading “Keyword Tool Suggestion – Top 10 Comparison”

What Is Search Console – A Beginners Guide

Tracking your visitors, optimizing your SEO (search engine optimization), knowing your audience, target your post at the right people, it is all so important to do this the right way! Lucky for us there are a lot of free tools which we can use to do all this for us. Tools like google analytics, searchContinue reading “What Is Search Console – A Beginners Guide”

Google Analytics – Use it to your advantage!

Your website is up and running now for a while already, you are getting some traffic, people are looking into your website but you have no idea what kind of people are looking on your website or where they are coming from. Who should you be targeting with your post, which social media account isContinue reading “Google Analytics – Use it to your advantage!”

Getting Your Website Noticed By Google – Follow The Easy Steps And Get Social

You wrote your posts but can’t seem to find them anywhere on google. Every search term you use just doesn’t show your page or your post, which you have been working on so hard. So how do you get your website noticed by google? How is it possible to get some appreciation by google forContinue reading “Getting Your Website Noticed By Google – Follow The Easy Steps And Get Social”