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Hi there and welcome to my website academy! The best place for you to get free advice about an online business, how to get visitors, how to create a website and where to host it!

What is it that i do on

On my website academy i will focus on helping you to start your own online business, to help you to get those visitors to your website! I started my website academy because i wanted more out of my life, i wanted to become financial independent! But if you want to know more about me, i would love to rederict you to the about me page.

How am i going to help you guys to start your own online business?

Dream big, work hard

Well for the starters i’ve got a few simple steps and i will explain them all in a detailed version in my other posts on my website. First off, if you want to start your own online business i’ve got 10 simple steps for you to follow. If you do this and you follow them step by step, at some point your business is going to grow, i guarantee that!

Once you have read that post you will have to take action, the first thing was finding a niche or become a affiliate partner! A niche is basically the product you want to talk about, promote and or sell. There are a ton of niches and i will explain how you can find them in the post what is a niche market product.

The most important thing with finding your niche was to take something that your are passionate about! If you don’t have this, at some point it is going to be hard for you to write the posts about that subject.

Becoming an affiliate partner. This means that you will promote products that other people are making and selling, all you do is get your visitors to buy their products. In that way you can start to earn money! To do this in a proper way i suggest your read my review about wealthy affiliate and start their bootcamp training for free!

By now you have already done three things! It is going pretty fast right!

Just do it!

If you didn’t do the steps yet, it is alright too! But as an entrepeneur the only thing that is going to get you forward is taking action. But at my website academy everyone can on their own pace, just do things the way you want to do them. I’m just here to give some advice!

Alright so now we have read the 10 steps on how to start an online business, we found ourself a niche (can also be the affiliate partner). So the next thing we want to have for an online business is……… A website! ofcourse! Well lucky for you i can help you create a website in 30 seconds! You can check this in a video. I’m showing you it really only takes 30 seconds to create a website. If you are more off an reader, you can check out my post about building your own website for free.

The 5 essentials to build your own website for free!

Alright so on my website academy I’m giving you some essential points to build a good website. The five essential points;

Just keep following the steps at your own pace, as long as you follow the steps eventually your business is going to roll!

So you know the essentials to build a good website and now what?

Feels like Magic, looks impossible, but can be explained!

By now you know the 10 steps to build your own online business, you have a niche, you have your website up and running and you know the five essentials how to build your website. But you probably have no idea what all the crazy terms on your wordpress website are?

Well lucky for you, here at my website academy I’m going to explain a few for you! The ones you will be using the most are widgets and plugins.

A widget in short is a small block on the sidebars of your website, this widget is performing a specific function for something. For example there are widgets that will show you my recent comments or recent post on this website. If you want to know more about what is  a widget for on wordpress, you can read it here.

The second thing; what is a plugin on wordpress?! A plugin is a small app which you can install on wordpress. A plugin is going to make your life a lot easier. If you think you are missing something on your website, there probably is a plugin to help you with it. For example, you can download a plugin for you social media accounts so people can follow them on your website.

You are going great! Keep up the good work.

You want google and your visitors to find your content right?

You have to be noticed to get somewhere

How do you like the steps given by my website academy so far? We are reading quite a lot at the moment, so lets take a 2 minute break, go to the toilet, grab some food and then we are ready to go again.

Alright so we know what we have to do, now we have to start taking some action. We want google and the other search engines to find us right? Because if they don’t find us we won’t be getting visitors. So in order for google and other search engines to find us i have a post that is going to give you again 4 steps to follow and if you follow them, google is going to find you eventually!

  • Write content based on good keywords and write a lot of content. Keywords are the thing people are searching for on the search engines. For example if you typ into google “i want to know how to cook” this is a keyword phrase. But what is a good keyword? I will explain it in my other post.
  • Improve your SEO on wordpress. SEO means search engines optimization, you want your website easy to be found for the search engines, a lot of this is going on in the background with all kinds of difficult html-codes and stuff. But i have got a easier way for you using a plugin, which will do a lot of the work for you already. I will explain everything on my post improve SEO on wordpress.
  • Get your google analytics account and search console up and running. This is just something extra for google to track your website. This way it knows how populair your website is and the more visitors you get, the higher google will rank you! Want to know about google analytics?

How to find those perfect keywords?

So what is a good keyword? At my website academy i try to make things as easy as i can for you! So I’m going to do the same for you with finding good keywords. To do this,  I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy. If you want to know more about Jaaxy you can read my review about Jaaxy. If you want to know how to find those good keywords i’ve got a post about this explaing it all, you can read the post how to find a good keyword for your website.

We have got some visitors what do we do now?

Keep going, never stop

Wow it is going so crazy fast, you are running to the steps from my website academy! By now you know the 10 steps to build your own online business, you know what kind of niche you want or if you want to be an affiliate partner, you know the essentials to build a website, you know a good place to host your website, you know the basics of wordpress, you know the 4 steps how google and other search engines are going to find you and you know what good keywords are, how to find them using a keyword tool and how to write good content.

This is a lot already, isn’t it?!

What is left for us to look at? Well my website academy is all about the statistics, knowing who your audience is and writing specific content just for them. So how do we do this you ask? By using google analytics. You might have been reading about google analytics already, but if you didn’t you can read my post about google analytics right here. Google analytics is going to help you to write specific content for your visitors because you know who there are and on which pages they look a lot.

My website academy is here to help you for free!

Alright so you have learned a lot already for free, now i want to help you even more for free. What i am offering you is free design products every week! Creative market is an amazing place with a lot of creative designers offering all kinds of products. If you want to buy those products you will have to pay though. But what they offer is 6 free goods every week, so all you got to do is sign up for free and download the 6 free goods every week! I also create posts about these 6 free goods every week, you can check them here. If you want to know more about creative market, you can read my review about what is creative market.

Free products every week!

STOP! The most important question:do you have the right mindset to become rich?!

This is going to be my final question to you. Do you have the mindset of a rich person or do you have the mindset of a poor person?! This is the most important question to succeed in your business. Check out my review of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and make sure your mindset is on point!

Good luck in your own adventure and wish u all the best!

If you have made it this far your mindset is pretty strong already and you have the right motivation! By now you have a lot of information and you can create your own online business! So just get started!

I thank you for reading and hope the information was useful for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment behind and i will be glad to answer.

Wish u all the best,

Kind regards,


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